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  1. trauma principles
    • do not panic
    • plan (after evaluate)
    • concentrate on the job
    • move pt & part as little as possible
    • 2 90 degree projections
    • normal relationship of ir, cr & part
    • include entire body part
  2. Thoractomy
    opening in the thorax
  3. Thoracentesis
    for draining the thorax
  4. Tracheostomy
    opening for the vents
  5. Tracheotomy
    surgical procedure to put in the vent
  6. isolets
    babies in the open containers
  7. incubator
    controlled, enclosed environment
  8. NG
    nasogastric- goes into the fundus or the body & is for feeding, decompression
  9. NE
    nasoenteric- into small bowel
  10. fractures at the base of the skull usually have accompanying ??
    fractures of facial bones
  11. consider all patients with head injuries to have??
    spinal cord injuries
  12. spinal cord tissue
    has little healing power and can cause permanent damage
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