Sociology 2510

  1. Three technological revolutions
    1. agricultural revolution

    2. industrial revolution

    3. information revolution
  2. agricultural revolution
    - 50x more productive then hunting and gathering

    - 4 factors - agricultural tech. specialized work, permanent settlements, and trade

    - created cities and urban areas
  3. industrial revolution
    benefits were shared unequally

    ex. factory owners w/ fortunes while industrial workers lived in poverty
  4. post industrial economy
    a productive system based on service work and high technology
  5. information revolution
    introduced new kind of products and new forms of communication
  6. global economy
    economic activity that crosses national borders
  7. Capitalism
    economic system where natural resources and the means of producing goods are privately owned
  8. Adam Smith
    claimed as individuals pursue self interest, entire society prospers
  9. Socialism
    economic system in which natural resources and the means of producing goods and services are collectively owned
  10. Czech Republic
    recently moved to a capitalist society and is doing relatively well
  11. T/F
    READ 334-335
  12. T/F
    labor force-agriculture
    agricultural labor forch has dropped to 1.6% in 2009.

    The family farm has been replaced by corporate agribuisness
  13. T/F
    Blue Collar Work
    a century ago industrialization swelled the rank of blue collar workers but by 1950 white collar had moved most workers
  14. T/F
    Coputers are deskilling labor and can have possible failures
  15. T/F
    Giant Corporations composed of many smaller corp.

    linked because they own each others stock
  16. T/F
    domination of a market by a few producers
  17. T/F
    Large Corporations in U.S.
    Exxon Mobile + Walmart
  18. T/F
    Charismatic Authority
    power legitimized by the extraordinary personal qualities
  19. T/F
    Absolute Monarchies
    • During the middle ages
    • claimed a monopoly of power based on divine right
  20. T/F
    Constitutional Democracy-Monarchy
    Nobility reigns, but elected officials actually rule (constitutional monarchy)
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