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  1. deltoid
    abducts the arm at the shoulder, flexes and medially rotates the arm at the shoulder, and extends and laterally rotates the arm at the shoulder
  2. biceps brachii
    flexes the arm and forearm atg tghe shoulder and elbow respectively and rotates the radius to supinatge the hand
  3. brachialis
    flexes the forarm at the elbow
  4. triceps brachii
    antagonistic fto the brachialis extends the forearm and arm at the elbow and shoulder respectively
  5. extensoer carpi radialis
    extends and abducts the hand at the wrist functioning in the raadial hand movement at tghe wrist
  6. pronator teres
    pronates the forearm and aids in flexing the forearm at the elbow
  7. brachioradialis
    flexes the forearm at the elbow and suupinates and pronates the forearm at the joint between the radius and ulna so the forearn is in a neutral position
  8. flexor carpi radialis
    flexes and abducts the ahnd at the wrist
  9. suprapinatus
    aids the deltoid when abductin the arm at the humerus
  10. extensor digitorum
    extends the four medial digits, spreads the digits as it extgends them, extends the wrist if the fingers are flexed
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