B737-Warning Systems

  1. How is single channel, SPEED TRIM FAIL condition recalled?
    Push either Master Caution fault annunciator light panel.
  2. How is the GPWS below glide slope deviation alert inhibited?
    Push the BELOW G/S P-INHIBIT switch any time in the soft warning area.
  3. During preflight, what would the Vmo/Mmo pointer indicate?
    340 kts.
  4. How many computers and stick shakers does the stall warning system have?
    Two independent digital computers & two independent stick shakers.
  5. What is the purpose of the overspeed warning system and how many are there?
    Dual overspeed warning systems sound a clacker to alert the pilots.
  6. TRUE or FALSE

    Windshear aural warnings takes precedence over all the other GPWS aural modes.
  7. How is the crew alerted if the cabin altitude exceeds 10,000 ft. MSL?
    An intermittent warning horn sounds.
  8. A warning horn sounds if the thrust levers are advanced for takeoff and:
    The speedbrake levers are not in the DOWN position
  9. TRUE or FALSE

    After adding power for takeoff, an intermittent warning horn could mean that the trailing edge flaps are not in the takeoff rang.
  10. TRUE or FALSE

    The warning horn for improper takeoff configuration and the warning horn for cabin altitude above 10,000 ft. are both intermittent horns.
  11. TRUE or FALSE

    Illumination of the FAULT light on the fire warning panel will not cause the MASTER CAUTION lights to illuminate.
  12. TRUE or FALSE

    If one LOW PRESSURE light for a #1 fuel tank pump illuminates, a FUEL annunciator and two MASTER CAUTION lights will illuminate also.
  13. TRUE or FALSE

    If an amber light on the PITOT STATIC HEAT panel illuminates, an ANTI-ICE annunciator and two MASTER CAUTION lights also illuminate.
  14. TRUE or FALSE

    Inflight with landing gear UP, retarding one of the throttles to idle will cause the red landing gear lights to illuminate.
  15. TRUE or FALSE

    The amber LE FLAPS TRANSIT light on the forward instrument panel is inhibited when the AUTOSLAT system is moving the leading edge slats.
  16. If one channel of the speed trim system fails, the initial indication would be:
  17. TRUE or FALSE

    With no annunciator light illuminated, a recall is performed, FLT CONT, MASTER CAUTION lights and the MACH TRIM FAIL on the overhead remain illuminated. This indicates a single channel mach trim failure.
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