Simple Machines

  1. Screw 🌀
    • An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder which holds things together or lifts materials
    • Ex: swivel chair,door lock, drills
  2. Wheel and axel 🚙
    • A wheel, round end with an axel, where a cord or rope wraps around a wheel
    • Ex:flagpole, window blinds
  3. Wedge↙
    • An object with at least one slanting edge used to cut things apart
    • Ex:needle, axe, teeth, nail, key, knife
  4. Inclined plane◀
    • A slanted surface connecting a lower level to a higher level
    • Ex: wheel chair ramp, slide, door stop
  5. Lever✂
    • a stiff bar that rests on a support called a fulcrum,which lifts or moves loads
    • Ex: scissors, fork, teeter totter, crowbar, stapler
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Simple Machines
Simple Machines