Review Exam I

  1. actus reus
    a wrongful act
  2. due process of law
    procedural and substantive rights of citizens
  3. felony
    a serious crime
  4. mala in se
    evil in itself
  5. misdemeanor
    a small crime
  6. ordinances
    an enactment of local governing body such as a city council or commission
  7. indictments
    a formal document handed down by a grand jury
  8. grand jury
    a group of citizens
  9. US attorneys
    attorneys appointed by the president
  10. FBI
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
  11. First Amendment
    recognizing the freedoms of religion, speech and press assembly
  12. Fourteenth Amendment
    Amendment to the US constitution ratified after the Civil War in 1868. Prohibits states from denying due process and equal protection of law to persons within their jurisdictions
  13. Due Process clause
    the clause of the fifth amendment that prohibits the federal govt from depriving persons within its jurisdiction of life, liberty or property
  14. hate speech
    offensive speech
  15. possession
    the actual or constructive control or occupancy
  16. motive
    a persons conscious reason for acting
  17. inchoate offense
    offenses preparatory to committing other crimes
  18. conspiracy
    the crime of two or more persons
  19. homicide
    killing of a human being
  20. manslaughter
    the crime og unlawfully killing another person without malice
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