neuroegulation of resperation

  1. active process of resporation
  2. 1. chen=morectors in the aortic arch and cartoid arteries detect a buildup of c02
    2. they send a signal to the brain stem
  3. 3. the brain stem sends a signal to the diaphram and the intecostal muscles (RIB) telling them to contract.
    4. this increases the anterior / posterior and superior/inferior demensions of the therasic cavity.
  4. 5. this increases size anddecreases pressure causes a pressure gradient and air rushes in until pressure equalizes
    passive process of resperation
  5. 1. when pressure is equal diffusion takes place
    2. the diaphram and interestal relax causing the theoric cavity to return to its normal size
  6. 3. this increases pressure and causes a pressure gradient
    4. air rushes out until pressure is equal
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neuroegulation of resperation