Balance Beam

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  1. The official time starts when the gymnast's ___________________________.
    feet leave the board or mat
  2. The official time stops when the gymnast ___________________________.
    dismounts and arrives on the mat.
  3. The warning is called or siganaled ____________________________.
    10 seconds before the maximum tie limit.
  4. Time is called or signaled at the ___________________________.
    Maximum time limit.
  5. If the gymnast lands at the sound of the second signal, _________________________________________. If the gymnast lands after the sound of the second signal, ________________________________________.
    • There is no deduction.
    • The CJ deducts 0.10 from the average for overtime.
  6. Regardless of the overtime, the entire exercise is evaluated by all judges and value part credit is awarded for the entire exercise. T or F?
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