ESP Chapter 4

  1. What does good planning do?
    • Help you stay on top of things
    • Give you the time to do those things you must do and want to do
    • Help produce better results
    • Reduce stress
  2. What are elements of work planning?
    • What needs to be done
    • The order of the tasks
    • When the work must be completed
    • What support will be needed to complete it
    • Who will do the work
    • What the expected quality of the results will be
  3. What should a good work plan include?
    A clear statement of specific work goals to be accomplished

    A step-by-step description of the tasks requiring completion

    A schedule that details the people & supplies that are needed to reach the goal

    A description of ways to measure progress & results.

    Good planning gets good results!!!
  4. More productive teams do more of this.
    Supervisors of highly productive teams spend much more time planning.
  5. What are the 5 main steps for developing a work plan?
    • Stating goals
    • Streamlining the work
    • Listing objectives, tasks & objectives
    • Scheduling resources
    • Checking on the progress of the work
  6. What does SMART mean?
    • Specific - what is to be done
    • Measurable - expected quantity and/or quality
    • Attainable - is it doable
    • Results based - end product
    • Time bound - when is it to be completed

    Goal statements should be SMART!
  7. What is in a good procedures manual?
    Identifies the goals & standards that have been established for specific jobs within an organizational unit or function.

    Breaks down work processes into tasks & activities, & presents those tasks & activities in the order in which they are to be performed

    Outlines the steps that are necessary to perform a given job productively & safely.
  8. What is project management?
    Involves a series of complex tasks

    Is bounded by time & by resources

    Has a clearly defined outcome
  9. What the 5 major tasks of project management?
    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Controlling
    • Closing
  10. Tips of Time Management
    Concentrate on doing those things that help your team reach goals

    Identify your #1 priority & tackle it first

    Break large projects into smaller parts. Less overwhelming.

    Keep a log and identify time drainers.
  11. What are the 6 Building Blocks of an quality improvement organization?
    • Work process improvement
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Customer Focus
    • Teamwork - most important per Tom
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Planning
  12. Name the 4 stages of team development?
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing
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