ESP Chapters 1 & 2

  1. What 4 specific factors are changing the character and appearance of local government?
    Demographic changes

    Technological changes

    Changes in legal accountability

    Shifts in employees expectations and attitudes
  2. What does managing diverse workforce mean?
    It means to being more flexible and adaptable and keeping up with new trends
  3. What are employee looking for in an employer and at work?
    Employees are expecting their jobs to fulfill more of their human needs - including the needs for friendship, affirmation, and acceptance.
  4. Today's employees view their careers as linear? True or False
    False, employees see their careers as cyclical not linear. Workers are marketing their talent and will change careers several times during their lifetime.
  5. What are the 4 fundamental tasks of a supervisor?
    Achieving predefined results and outcomes

    Sustaining a spirit of teamwork & cooperation

    Continually developing your employees' skills and talents

    Postering a work environment that is flexible but in which accountability is maintained.
  6. What are the 4 personal habits a supervisor needs to develop?
    Developing self-awareness - understanding yourself

    Building good working relationships - trust

    Cultivating the management attitude - see the big picture - larger goals & processes of the organization

    Learn to be a broker - brokering competing interest, values and perspectives so as to best serve internal & external customers.
  7. What is the difference between leading and managing?
    Leaders set direction, articulate the organizations's vision, and act to transform both individuals and the organization.

    Managers administer, monitor, direct, and refine current performance.

    As a supervisor, your job is to find out where your strengths are and build on them.
  8. What does setting goals mean?
    Setting goals mean stating what must be done, who must do it, and when it must be completed; it also means setting priorities.
  9. What 2 important things happen when a work group becomes a team?
    1. Workers gain a sense of belonging

    2. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

    People working together can get more done than the members of the team can accomplish working individually.
  10. What happens when a team isn't maintained?
    A team must be built and must be maintained or they will break down.
  11. As the team leader, the supervior has a number of responsibilities....
    • Involving employees in decision making
    • Delegating
    • Identifying and resolving problems
    • Making jobs more interesting & rewarding
    • Intergrating employees' personal goals into organizational goals
    • Evaluating progress & determining when goals have been met.
  12. Employees want jobs that are ____
    Interesting, meaningful and enjoyable
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