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  1. Best drugs for treating CAD
    nitrates (also, beta blockers and CCB may be used)
  2. What do nitrates do
    have a direct action on vascular smooth muscle and cause it to relax
  3. � life for nitro SL
    1-4 minutes
  4. What do CCB do?
    Dilate coronary arteries and reduce the response of the cardiac conduction system to electrical impulses and treat dysrhythmias
  5. Long acting nitrates are
    used to prevent or treat angina attacks before they occur (i.e. with exercise)
  6. Nitrates are also used to reduce the work of the heart in
    MI, CHF, relief of GB, GI, urethral and bronchial smooth muscle pain
  7. Peripheral vasodilating agents are used to treat pain in the legs caused by
    intermittent claudication, arteriosclerosis obliterans, raynauds, nocturnal leg cramps and vasospam by blood clots
  8. Adverse reactions to nitrates
    flushing, postural hypotension, tachycardia, confusion, dizziness, fainiting, vertigo, burning in the mouth, vomiting
  9. Tartrazine
    may cause allergic reaction with symptoms like asthma
  10. Tolerance with nitrates may occur and high doses may cause violent headaches
  11. What reduces action of nitro
    cold or use of tobacco and sunlight
  12. PV agents is stronger if
    used with antihypertensives and alcohol may cause hypotension
  13. If blurred vision or dry mouth occus
    stop nitrates
  14. Antidysrhythmics can cause or worsen CHF or urinary retention
  15. Side effects of nitro
    flushing, throbbing headache (<20 min), increased heart rate, dizziness and lightheadedness
  16. How is nitro dispensed
    dark glass bottle; 3 month shelf life
  17. Take nitro in empty stomach
  18. Inhalant nitrates should be taken
    lying down or sitting
  19. Do not rub ointment into the skin
  20. Check BP before giving dose
  21. Don�t eat a lot of foods that may stimulate the heart
  22. Drugs that interact with nitrates
    alcohol, antihistamines, antidepressants
  23. Vasodilators are used to treat pain in the legs because of their effect on
    peripheral arterial system
  24. Side effect of Periph vasodilating agent
    severe hypotension
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