Physics Unit 3

  1. Forces can be used to turn objects about a pivot. What is this turning effect called?
    A moment
  2. What is the equation for calculating moments?
    Moment (Nm) = Force (N) x Perpendicular distance between line of action and pivot (m)
  3. What are the TWO ways of increasing the moment (or turning force)?
    • Increasing the force applied
    • Increase the perpendicul distance between the line of action of the force and the pivot
  4. A man exerts a force of 120N and the perpendicular distance from his hand to the pivot is 15cm. What moment does he exert?

    • Explanation: Moment (Nm)=Force x Perpendicular distance...
    • = 120 N x 0.15m
    • = 18Nm
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Physics Unit 3
How do forces have a turning effect? What keeps bodies moving in a circle? What do mirrors and lenses do to light? What is sound? What is ultrasound and how can it be used? How can electricity be used to make things move? How do generators work? How do transformers work? How is the life history of stars?