vocab level e unit 14

  1. alacrity
    n. a cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action
  2. alleviate
    v. to relieve, make more bearable
  3. antithesis
    n. the direct opposite, a sharp contrast
  4. appall
    v. to fill with dismay or horror
  5. bellicose
    adj. warlike in manner or temperament; quarrelsome
  6. disparage
    v. to belittle, speak slightingly of; to undervalue
  7. dissonant
    adj. not in harmony; disagreeing, at odds
  8. droll
    adj. amusingly odd
  9. edict
    n. an order issed by someone in authority
  10. elucidate
    v. to clarify, explain
  11. laud
    v. to praise
  12. loll
    v. to act in a lazy manner; to lounge; to recline, droop
  13. loquacious
    adj. talkative, wordy; fond of talking
  14. magnanimous
    adj. generous in forgiving, above small meanness
  15. mandatory
    adj. required, obligatory
  16. nondescript
    adj. ordinary, not outstanding; not easily classified
  17. phlegmatic
    adj. slow-moving, sluggish; unemotional
  18. rescind
    v. to repeal, cancel
  19. vivacious
    adj. lively, sprightly, full of energy
  20. whet
    v. to sharpen, put an edge on; to make keen or eager
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vocab level e unit 14
two more dreadful vocab unit left.. smh..