Kempo Karate

  1. What is Chinese Kempo Karate?
    • First—Chinese Kempo Karate is a combination of self-defense and awareness of the vital areas of the human body
    • Second—Chinese Kempo Karate makes you physically fit by increasing one's endurance, strength, muscle tone, and mental alertness.
    • Third—It is the principle of courage. Through Kempo Karate, one develops self-esteem, a positive attitude, and confidence in being able to protect yourself, thus developing courage.
  2. Where was the formal beggining of Kempo Karate?
    The formal beginning of Kempo Karate is attributed to the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (Tamo in Mandarin Chinese or Daruma in Japanese)
  3. Who is Professor Buell?
    He is the founder of Universal Kempo Karate.
  4. When was Kenpo changed to Kempo?
    In 1974 after Professor Buell completed his research.
  5. What methods does UKKSA use?
    The UKKSA uses the methods of escape, control, and destroy in self-defense training considering the escalation of force.
  6. What are the objectives of Universal Kempo Karate School Association?
    • The objectives of the UKKSA are:
    • *first to teach self-defense;
    • *second, to improve physical conditioning;
    • *third, to improve self-discipline, moral character, and humility; and
    • *fourth, to develop comradeship among students and to encourage one another to help each other, so all can prospe
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