mental health

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  1. the inability to control overeating accompanied by guilt, but no compensation to prevent wt gain
    bine eating disorder
  2. eating in the absence of hunger or regardless of feeling full some people have both problems causing obesity
    compulsive overeating
  3. the cause of overeating syndromes is unknown but growing evidence show that
    biochemical factors are involved
  4. there is an imbalance of neurotransmitters& neurohormones which affect the appetite center in the brain such as
    norepinephrine, serotonin or orexin A or B or leptin or cortisol
  5. a hormone released by the adrenal cortex in response to stress
  6. a hormone secreted by the mucosa of the upper small intestine that cause lab animals to stop eating when they feel full
  7. natural chemicals with marijuana-like properties that activate the appetite center
  8. psychoactive chemicals that stimulate eating behavior in research animals
    Y and YY neuropeptides
  9. increased amounts of endocannabinoids or increased sensitivity to their presence explains
    some syndrome characterized by overeating, & using it as a way of coping to stress
  10. complications of binge or compulsive eating
    hyperlipidemia, HTN, type 2 DM, degenerative arthritis,and sleep apnea

    • high risks : gallbladder dz, heart dz, & types of CA
    • some may feel unhappy, ashamed, disgusted w/self & isolate themselves
  11. s/s of binge or compulsive eating
    • eat foods in high sugar & high fat
    • nibble over several hours or gorge until uncomfortable
    • when angry,sad,bored,or anxious
    • hx of alcohol, drug abuse, or suicide
    • self mutilation-cutting,burning, pulling hair,punish self
  12. diagnostic findings of binge or compulsive eating
    • BMI over 30
    • elevated BG, cholesterol, and serum lipid levels
  13. medical management: tx for binge or compulsive eating
    • sensible wt loss regimen
    • weight reduction
    • psychotherapy
    • self help support groups
    • strict dieting prohibited-
    • short term drug therapy
    • surgery
  14. meds for binge/compulsive eating
    • antidepressants-SSRI
    • prozac,fluoxetine
  15. goals for maintaing wt loss
    a goal of 10% to 20% rathar than an ideal wt
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