mental illnes

  1. physiologic imbalance or medical complications
    7 million women,1million men all ethnic & socioeconomic
    prevelant in women 12-25 years
    anorexia nervosa
  2. in anorexia nervosa more or less of the recommended of food is consummed in amount of
    1500 to 2500 calories
  3. how much time should you allow for an anorexia nervosa patient
    30 minutes
  4. anorexia
    .restricted calories - decrease intake of sweets and fats
  5. binge & purge- total starvation then binge consume huge amounts of food, then thet feel guilty so they purge or cause diarrhea.
  6. s/e of bulimarexia
    calasus on hands, teeth
  7. ways of purging
    enemas, laxative, diurectics, excessive excercise
  8. etiology of anorexia
  9. anorexia therories
    genetic and physiology
  10. when there is an increase in serotonin, dopamine, and leptin and a decrease in melanin concentration hormone there is a tendency to
    not to eat as much
  11. anorexia psychological
    • perfectionist
    • low self esteem
    • desire to please
  12. s/s of anorexia nervosa
    • the ht & wt falls under 85%
    • lanugo-fine layer of hair -maintain temp
    • hypotension
    • bradycardia & irregular pulse-from fld imbalance
    • constipation-rectal prolapse from so much diarrhea
    • feel "cold"-b/c of metabolism
    • prone to infection-malnutrion
    • conceal problem-don't want anyone to know
  13. cont. s/s of anorexia nervosa
    • dry skin
    • no menstration
    • eating pattern
    • dry brittle hair and nails
  14. diagnostics of anorexia nervosa
    • BMI less than 16
    • anemia- hemaglobin hematicrat, /cbc
    • electroly imbalnace-K & Na
    • decreased protein-not eating
    • EKG- irregular beats-errythmias
    • bone density-thin & fraile no Vit D or calcium so body pulls it out of bones
  15. tx for anorexia nervosa
    • reestablish:
    • -nutrition-TPN (IV) lipids restore wt & nutrition
    • -behavior therapy-reward system(wt gain eating, visitor, phone call)
    • -meds-SSRI, antidepressants, antipsychotics, vit. & min., stool softners
    • -psychotherapy-group or cognitive
    • -family counseling-for understanding/resolve conflict/stress
  16. binge eating w/self-induced methods to prevent
    weight gain
  17. the DSM IV says about bulimia nervosa
    greater than 2 times per week for 6 months
  18. crave increases in sugar & fats so they tend to be
  19. s/s of bulimia nervosa
    binging and purging
  20. consume 3500 to 11500 calories in less than 2 hours
  21. s/s of bulimia nervosa
    calluses, irritated esophagus, erosion of enamel, swollen glands, normal wt or slight increase
  22. bulimia nervosa
    • onset on older
    • ower wt to normal wt
    • they admit it -can not contro it
    • ashamed-cycle continous
  23. etiology of bulimia nervosa
    decreased serotonin makes you more hungry so you eat more
  24. diagnosis of bulimia nervosa
    • assessment & hx
    • electrolyte imbalance-K & Na
    • scope of esophagus
  25. tx for bulimia nervosa
    • meds
    • psychotherapy-tend to go in packs
    • behavior modification-reward & monitor
    • limiy 30 min to eat
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