mental illness

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  1. disorganized mental process, loss contact w/ reality
  2. types of perceptual disturbances
    hallucinations & illusion
  3. no stimuli there
  4. ghost is an example of
  5. hearing voices, screams, or laughs that aren't there
  6. sense of smell
    ex. smelling fire or gasses
  7. sensations of tapping or spiders
  8. taste sensation for example blood or poison
  9. something there but is misinterpreted
    ex. a phone for a snake
    the lumps in the white sheets are rats
  10. disorganized thought, false idea or reasoning
  11. types of delusion
    • grandiose
    • persecution
    • reference
    • thought broadcasting
    • thought insertion
    • thought withdrawl
  12. person feels very powerful "special" they feel everyone should bow down to them when they enter the room
  13. ideas of endangerment
    ex. all food is poison
  14. iseas of getting a message through a magazine, TV, or computer
  15. person thinks everyone can hear or see their thoughts
    thought broadcasting
  16. " they can see my thoughts of escape"
    thought broadcasting
  17. person thinks that people can put thoughts in their head
    thought insertion
  18. "my mother told me to kill her"
    "God told me to do it"
    thought insertion
  19. person thinks that people are stealing their thoughts
    thought withdrawl
  20. "someone stold my intelligence"
    " someone stold my wisdom"
    thought withdrawl
  21. black pants, black hair, black dog.........
    is an example of
    loose association
  22. lose train of thought
  23. I like ice cream, look at that dog, my house is over there
    flight of ideas
  24. do you know where that hyptomite went?
  25. types of behavior alteration
    • aggresive catatonic
    • child like waxy flexibility
    • inappropriate
    • silly
    • unpredictable
    • movement
  26. behavior alteration
    fear no one understands
  27. behavior alteration
    child like
    throw temptraums
  28. behavior alterations
    make sexual advances to people
  29. behavior alterations
    may not know what to expect
  30. behavior alteration
    wild purposeless agitated, frenzied
  31. behavior alteration
    sit and stare
  32. behavior alteration
    waxy flexibility
    • will stay in that position until moved again
    • this stage is very severe, rarely seen
  33. positive s/s of schizophrenia
    • delusions agitation
    • language
    • thoughts
    • bizarre behavior
    • catatonia
    • autism
  34. negative s/s of schizophrenia
    • blunt or flat affect ( no facial expression)
    • lack of energy
    • decreased pleasure, motivation
    • decreased self care, interaction
    • decreased speech
    • substance abuse, depression, or violenve
  35. facts on schizophrenia
    • 1% of world population
    • in late teen to mild 30's
    • different in men & women
    • s/s are less severe in women
    • will have for remainder of life/
    • all races, genders, culture & socioeconomic
    • increased risk in 1st generation relative
    • increase risk to 1st generation relative/
  36. tx for schizophrenia
    no cure, but can manage with meds and counseling
  37. 1st generation antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia
    for decreased agitation, delusions & hallucinations
    haldol or thorazine
  38. s/e of 1st generation meds for schizophrenia
    tardive dyskinesia
  39. uncontrolled body movements, irreverseble
    tardive dyskinesia
  40. 2nd generation antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia
    risperdal, zyprexia, & geodon
  41. tx & s/s decrease the risk of what in schizophrenia
  42. s/e of 2nd generation drugs of schizophrenia
    water intox
  43. nursing implications for schizophrenia
    • monitor VS
    • assess mental status, mood & orientation
    • assure meds are swallowed
  44. meds that regulate moods
    lithobid, lithane, & esalith
  45. meds that decrease anxiety & nervouseness
    xanax & diazepam
  46. relapse is related to
    • use of alcohol or street drugs
    • stopping rx
    • avoid caffeine- chocoloate, tea, cokes
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