Lesson 21 Vocabulary

  1. aggregate
    sum total, whole amount
  2. archipelago
    a group of islands
  3. boon
    favorable; a blessing, a benefit
  4. buffoon
    a clown, a silly or supid person
  5. chicanery
    unethical methods, trickery
  6. contaminant
    something that causes impurity; something that defiles or pollutes
  7. corrugated
    bent into folds
  8. deleterious
    harmful;dangerous; injurious
  9. disputatious
    inclined to fihgt, to argue, or to debate
  10. emend
    to correct (usually by a critic)
  11. fetter
    to restrict by chackling or chaining
  12. giddy
  13. heterogeneity
    state of being dissimilar, composition from unlike elements
  14. indomitable
    incapable of being conquered
  15. irresolute
    indecisive, unsure of how to proceed
  16. metaphorically
    compared nonliterally
  17. panacea
    cure-all, remedy for all ills
  18. peruse
    to read or to examine
  19. prodigy
    one with exeptional talents or powers; an extraordinary accomplishment
  20. rebuff
    to snub or to refuse bluntly
  21. resilient
    aility to return to a former state
  22. scapegoat
    one who takes the blame for others
  23. tractable
    capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled; obedient
  24. vivacious
    full of life, very animated
  25. spurious
    false or deceitful
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