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  1. Acute pain stimulates what?
    • SNS or sympathetic nervous system, which
    • can:
    • inc pulse
    • inc BP
    • inc resp rate
    • dialate pupils
    • cause sewating
  2. Does chronic pain stimulate SNS
    yes, but it is not sustained.
    • The normal processing of pain
    • It is either Somatic - arising from the skin or musculoskeltal or visceral - arising from the organs.
  4. Name two categories of pain
    • Nociceptive - normal processing of pain
    • neuropathis - abnormal processin g of pain, which results from some type of nerve damage.
  5. Two types of nerve fibers that transmit pain are...
    Myelinated A delta fibers transmit rapit sharp pain and are found in skin and muscles, while unmyelinated or poorly myyelinated C fibers transmit pain slowly and usually produce persistent pain - found in muscle, periosteum and viscera.
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