Lecture 2

  1. Why did Mestizo culture spread?
    Low spanish female population
  2. When did the spanish government approve the marriages of their brethen to indigenous natives?
  3. What was the justification for inter-mixing spanish and indigenous population?
    Spreading of Christianity
  4. What did the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1493 do?
    Divide the non-christian between Spain and Portugal
  5. How did the Treaty of Tordesillas divide the non-christian world?
    Portugal got Brazil and Spain the rest of the world
  6. Who is credited with the start of the Protestant Reformation?
    Martin Luther 1483-1566
  7. Where did the Protestant Reformation begin?
  8. In 1517 who wrote about the Catholic Churches indulgences with the 95 Theses?
    Martin Luther
  9. What Dominican priest was proclaimed the "protector of the Indians"?
    Bartolome de Las Casas 1484-1566
  10. What literature was written by Bartolome de Las Casas, describing the atrocities of the Spanish towards the natives?
    A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (1522)
  11. What is the "Black Legend"?
    Brutal image of Spain and a justification for other nations to enter the New World
  12. What alienates the natives with the destruction of their antiquities?
    Spanish Inquisition 1480-1834
  13. What was the result of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
    Spanish settlers expulsion from pueblo area
  14. What happens after the death of Pope?
    Spanish re-invade Pueblo area in 1692
  15. What lessons did the Spanish learn from the re-invasion of the pueblo area?
    More toleration for the natives, converting them to christianity, and using them as workers
  16. What ends France's civil war?
    Edict of Nantes 1598
  17. Signed by Henry the IV, what was the result of the Edict of Nantes?
    Religious toleration for the Protestants
  18. What forces the Huguenots to flee to New France (Quebec)?
    Edict of Fontainebleu 1685, signed by Louis XIV
  19. Who was in search of the Northwest Passage?
    British explorer Henry Hudson (death circa 1611)
  20. Who controls commerce to Asia from 1602-1796?
    Dutch East India Company, second multinational company, and first to issue stock
  21. What rights did women have under the dutch?
    Legal identity, own property, borrow money, and go to court
  22. What was unique about the Dutch Reform Church?
  23. What groups were attracted to New Amsterdam with the freedom of worship?
    Jews, Huguenots, Calvinists, and Pilgrims
  24. What is the Dutch Revolt between 1568-1609?
    Justification for expansionism while identifying with the natives
  25. Name the secular divisions of the Spanish, French, and Dutch?
    • Spanish-Catholicism
    • French-Catholicism, Protestant
    • Dutch-nondenominational
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