Athletic Training

  1. Bones of elbow
    • humerus
    • radius
    • ulna
  2. Ligaments of elbow
    • ulner
    • radial
    • annular
  3. Biceps of elbow
    • biceps brachii
    • brachialis
    • brachioradial muscles
  4. actions of the elbow
    flexion, extension, flexion, pronation
  5. Olecranon Bursitis
    • acute or chronic injury, direct blow
    • pain, swelling, tenderness
    • cold compress, aspiration, padding
  6. Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)
    • chronic due to repetitive forearm flexion & extension, one of most common injuries of elbow
    • aching pain in region of lateral epicondyle, weakness in hand & wrist
    • RICE, NSAIDS, ROM exercises, deep massage
  7. Medial epicondylitis
    • irritation & inflammation of medial epidondyle cause from sports requiring repeated forceful flexion of wrist
    • pain around epicondyles of humerus produced during forceful wrist flexion & extension, point tenderness, mild swelling
    • sling, cryotherapy, ultrasound
  8. Elbow dislocation
    • fall of outstretched arm
    • rupturing & tearing of most ligaments, swelling, severe pain, disability, deformity
    • cold & pressure, sling, physician, immobilize for 3 weeks
  9. elbow sprain
    • hyperextension or force that bends or twists lower arm outward
    • hemorrhage, point tenderness
  10. Volkmann's Contracture
    • associated with humeral supracondylar fracture which causes muscle spasm, swelling or bone pressure
    • claw hand
    • close monitoring, remove of elastic wraps, casts, elevation of the part
  11. Forearm splints
    • severe static contraction (gymnasts, wrestlers)
    • dull ache in forearm, weakness, extreme pain during contraction
    • symptomatic, RICE
  12. Colles fracture
    • most common type of fracture, involve lower end of radius & ulna
    • Fall On Outstretched Arm (FOOSH), forces radius & ulna back and up
    • visible deformity to wrist, swelling
    • cold compress, splint, x-ray, immobilized 1-2 months
  13. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • anterior aspect of wrist, occurs from repeated wrist flexion, inflammation of tendons compress median nerve
    • sensory & motor deficits, tingling, numbness
    • rest, immobilization, NSAIDS, possible surgery
  14. De Quervains Disease
    • constant wrist movement, first tunnel of wrist becomes contracted & narrowed as result of inflammation of synovial lining
    • aching pain radiating into hand & forearm, movements increase pain, point tenderness
    • immobile, rest, cold therapy, NSAIDS
  15. Wrist Ganglia
    • synovial cyst, appears after wrist strain, contains fluid
    • occasional pain with lump at site, soft or rubbery
    • aspiration, chemical cauterization, pressure pad
  16. Mallet Finger
    • common in baseball and basketball, blow from thrown ball that strikes finger, jamming extensor tendon
    • pain at distal interphalangeal joint, x-ray
    • RICE
  17. Boutonniere Deformity
    • rupture of extensor tendon of middle phalanx
    • severe pain & disability, inability to extend PIP joint, swelling, tenderness
    • cold app followed by splinting PIP joint into extension
  18. Gamekeeper's Thumb
    • sprain of ulnar collateral ligament of the MCP joint of thumb - skiers, tackle football players
    • pain over ulnar collateral ligament with weak and painful pinch, tenderness, swelling
    • physician, x-ray, splint thumb (3 weeks)
  19. Dislocation of fingers
    • high rate of occurence in sports, most in collision or contact sports
    • pain, swelling, obvious deformity
    • reduce, RICE, splint, buddy taping
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