Biology: Early Embryonic Develpment

  1. Define testes:
    male gonads
  2. Define scrotum:
    the outside abdominal cavity that houses the sac that has the testes
  3. Define epididymis:
    coiled tube that stores developing sperm passed from testis
  4. Define vas deferens:
    duct that sperm from epididymis contract through
  5. Define ovary:
    the female gonad, produces egg cells and reproductive hormones
  6. Define oviduct:
    takes eggs away from the ovary (also known as the fallopian tube.)
  7. Define uterus:
    the womb (actual site of pregnancy)
  8. Define sperm:
    a male gamete
  9. Define oocyte:
    areested in prophase of Meiosis I; present at birth
  10. Define gamete:
    a haploid egg or sper sex cell; union is zygote
  11. Define gonad:
    a sex organ; an ovary or testis
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