Muscle action and Nerves

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  1. Hip Flexors

    Name the Primary
    Name the Assitors
    Primary: Illiopsoas

    • Assistors: Rectus Femoris
    • Satorius
    • TFL
    • Pectinus
  2. What Nerve innervates the Hip Flexor
    • Femoral
    • (L2, L3)
  3. Hip Abduction

    Name the Primary Movers
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Glutues Medius
    • TFL
    • Assistors: Glutues Minimus
  4. Hip Crossed Adduction

    Name the Primary Mover
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Adductor Magnus, Brevis, & Longus
    • Satorius, Pectineus, Gracillis

    Assistors: None
  5. Hip Hyperextension

    Name the primary movers
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Gluteus Maximus
    • Hamstrings

    Assistors: None
  6. What Nerve Innvervates Glutues Maxmius
    Inferior Gluteal
  7. Name the Nerve that innervates the Glutues Minimus
    Superior Gluteal
  8. What never innverates the Hamstrings

    (L5, S1, S2)
  9. What Nerve innvervates the Adductors Muscle and Gracilias
    Obturator Nerve
  10. What nerve innervates the Pectineus
  11. Hip Internal Rotation

    Primary Movers
    • Primary: Glutues Minimus
    • TFL

    • Assistors: Glutues Mediues
    • Pectineus
    • Adductor Longues
  12. What nerve innverates the TFL
    Superior Gluteal
  13. Hip External Rotation

    Primary Movers
    • Primary: Obturator Externus & Internus
    • Gemellus Inferior & Superior
    • Quadratus Femoris
    • Periformis

    Assistors; None
  14. What muscle does flexion, Abduction, external rotation
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