climate change

  1. greenhouse effect
    certain gases in the atmosphere keep heat near Earth & prevent it from radiating into space
  2. greenhouse gas
    gases involved in keeping heat near Earth
  3. thermohaline circulation
    a water movement pattern in which warmer, less salty water moves along the surface of the ocean, and colder, saltier water moves deep beneath the ocean's surface
  4. El Nino
    change in air pressure, wind patterns, ocean temperature, and ocean circulation in the Pacific
  5. topography
    describes the surface characteristics of an area; elevation, mountains, rivers, and lakes
  6. latitude
    measurement of a place's distance from the equator
  7. windward
    the side of a mountain that wind passes over
  8. leeward
    the downwind side of a mountain
  9. global climate change
    change in many climate characteristics; temperature, rainfall, wind patterns, & storm frequency
  10. global warming
    increase in Earth's average surface temperatures
  11. proxy indicator
    types of indirect evidence that serve as substitutes for direct measurement
  12. climate model
    programs that combine what we know about the atmosphere and oceans to simulate climate processes
  13. fossil fuel
    a fuel that formed a long ago from the remains of living things
  14. coral bleaching
    algae living within coral dies
  15. carbon footprint
    amount of carbon dioxide emissions for which an individual or group is responsible
  16. carbon tax
    fee that a gov't charges polluters for each unit of greenhouse gases they emit
  17. carbon offset
    a voluntary payment made when one industry or person, instead of reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, pays another group or person to do so
  18. carbon sequestration
    storage; ways to store carbon underground
  19. Kyoto Protocol
    international agreement that seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions; binding
  20. cap-and-trade
    gov't puts a limit (cap) on amount of greenhouse gases that can be released by specific industries & power plants
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