Lecture: Muscles of the Scalp and face

  1. Epicranius
    2 Parts:

    • Frontal belly
    • Origin: galea aponeurotica
    • Insertion: Skin of eyebrows and root4 of nose
    • Action: Raises the eyebrows, wrinkles forehead skin horizontally

    • Occipital Belly
    • Origin: occipital and temporal bones
    • Insertion: Galea Aponeurotica
    • Action: Fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly
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  2. Corrugator Supercilli
    Origin: arch of the frontal bone above nasal bone

    Insertion: Skin og the eyebrow

    • Action: draws eyebrows toheyjer and inferorly, wrinkles the forehead vertically (as in frowning)
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  3. Orbicularis Oculi
    Origin: Frontal and maxillary bones and ligaments around orbit

    Insertion: Tissue of eyelid

    Action: Closes eyes
  4. Zygomaticus
    Orgin: Zygomatic bone

    Insertion: skin and muscle at corner of mouth

    Action: raises lateral corners of the mouth upward (smiling)
  5. Risorius
    Origin: Lateral fascia associated with masseter muscle

    Insertion: Skin at angle of mouth

    Action: draws corners of lips laterally; tenses lips

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  6. Levator Labii Superioris
    Origin: Zygomatic bone and infraorbital margin of maxilla

    Insertion: skin and muscle of upper lip

    Action: opens lips; raises and furrows the upper lip

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  7. Depressor Labii Inferioris
    Origin: body of mandible lateral to its midline

    Insertion: skin and muscle of lower lip

    Action: Draws lips inferiorly (as in a pout)
  8. Oribularis Oris
    Origin: arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible; fibers blended with fibers of other facial muscles associated with the lips

    Insertion: encirlces the mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at angles of mouth

    action: closes lips, kissing and whistling motion
  9. Mentalis
    Origin: mandible below incisors

    Insertion: Skin of chin

    Action: wrinkles chin, protrudes lower lip
  10. Buccinator
    Muscles of Mastication
    Origin: molar region of maxilla and mandible

    Insertion: oribicularis orbis

    Action: Compresses cheeks, holds food between teeth when chewing
  11. Platysma
    Origin: fascia of cherst (over pectorial muscles and deltoid)

    Insertion: lower margin of mandible, and kin and muscle at corner of mouth

    Action: tenses the skin of the neck
  12. Masseter
    Muscles of Mastication
    Origin: Zygomatic arch and aygomatic bone

    Insertion: angle and ramus of mandible

    Action: Prime mover of jaw closure, elevates the mandible
  13. Temporalis
    Muscles of Mastication
    Origin: temporal fossa

    Insertion: coronoid process of mandible via a tendon that passes deep to the zygomatic arch

    Action: Closes jaw, elevates and retracts mandible
  14. Medial Pterygoid
    Muscles of Mastication
    origin: medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone, maxilla, and palatine bone

    Insertion: medial surface of mandible near its angle

    • Action: acts with the lateral pterygoid muscle to protrude (protract) mandible and to promote side to side (grinding) movements
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  15. Lateral Pterygoid
    Muscles of Mastication
    Origin: greater wing and lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone

    Insertion: Condyle of mandible and capsule of temporary mandibular joint

    • Action: Provides forward sliding and side to side grinding movements of the lower teeth
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  16. Genioglossus
    Muscles promoting tongue movements
    Origin: internal surface of mandible near symphysis

    Insertion: Inferolateral tongue

    • Action: Protracts tongue
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  17. Hyoglossus
    Muscles promoting tongue movements
    Origin: body of greater horn of hyoid bone

    Insertion: inferolateral

    • Action: depresses tongue
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  18. Styloglossus
    Muscles promoting tongue movements
    Origin: styloid process of temporal bone

    Insertion: inferolateral tongue

    • Action: Retracts and elevates tongue
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  19. Digastric
    Suprahyoid Muscles
    Origin: lower margin of mandible (anterior belly) and mastoid process of the temporal bone (posterior belly)

    Insertion: by a connective tissue loop to the hyoid bone

    • Action: open mouth and depress mandible, elevate hyoid and steady it during swollowing and speech
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  20. Stylohyoid
    Suprahyoid Muscles
    Origin: styloid process of temporal bone

    Insertion: hyoid bone

    • Action: elevates and retracts hyoid
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  21. Mylohyoid
    Suprahyoid Muscles
    Origin: medial sruface of mandible

    Insertion: hyoid bone and median raphe

    • Action: Elevates hyoid bone and floor of mouth, enabling tonghue to exert backward and upward pressure that forced
    • Image Upload 12 food into pharynx
  22. Geniohyoid
    Suprahyoid Muscles
    Origin: inner surface of mandibular symphysis

    Insertion: hyoid bone

    • Action: pulls hyoid bone superioroly and anteriorly, shortening floor of mouth and widening pharynx recieving food
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  23. Sternohyoid
    Infrahyoid muscles
    Origin: manubrium and medial end of clavicle

    Insertion: lower margin of hyoid bone

    Action: depresses larynx and hyoid bone if mandible is fixed
  24. Sternothyroid
    Infrahyoid Muscles
    Origin: posterior surface of manubrium and sternum

    Insertion: Thyroid Cartilage

    • Action: pulls larynx and hyoid bone inferiorly
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  25. Omohyoid
    Infrahyoid Muscles
    Origin: superior surface of scapula

    Insertion: hyoid bone, lower border

    • Action: depresses and retracts hyoid bone
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  26. Thyrohyoid
    Infrahyoid Muscles
    Origin: thyroid cartilage

    Insertion: hyoid bone

    • Action: depresses hyoid bone or elevate larynx if hyoid is fixed
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  27. Pharyngeal Constrictor muscles
    Infrahyoid Muscles
    Origin: attached anteriorly to mandible and medial pterygoid plate (superior), hyoid bone, and laryngeal cartilages

    Insertion: posterior median raphe of pharynx

    Action: constrict pharynx during swollowing
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Lecture: Muscles of the Scalp and face
Lecture: Muscles of the Scalp and face