Vocab 2.4

  1. austere
    rigorous, stern, severely simple
  2. austerity
    implies harsh restraint and the absense of warmth, liveliness or adornment
  3. asceticism
  4. sobriety
    serious, restrained, temperate living (not ascetic or austere)
  5. rigor
    stiffness, implying strong discipline
  6. stringency
    strictness or tight controls
  7. avid
    eager, greedy
  8. preference
    mild eagerness, hypothetical or mildly emotional
  9. partiality
    stronger preference, deliberate or unreasoning
  10. keenness
    desire with a sharp edge and mildly thrilling
  11. ardor
    spirited or fiery eagerness
  12. zeal/zealousness
    warm, strong, energetic eagerness
  13. rapacity
    ruthless or even immoral eagerness which leads to the wrongful or violent seizure of what one wants
  14. covetousness
    rapacious eagerness for something that belongs to someone else
  15. mania
    eagerness verging on madness or obsession
  16. capricious
    subject to whims, changeable
  17. whimsical
    behavior that is droll or sensible in a humorous, unexpected way
  18. erratic
    uneven or irregular behavior
  19. spasmodic
    sudden, irregular and sometimes violent behavior because of strong changes in mood or emotion
  20. competent
    capable, skillful, well qualified
  21. proficiency
    high degree of mastery in some specific skill or field
  22. dexterity
    primarily muscular skill and often speed
  23. adroitness
    ability to handle a situation or problem skillfully
  24. finesse
    adroitness, gracefulness, smoothness in handling a situation
  25. facility
    competence with ease as well as skill
  26. diffident
    shy, timid, unassertive
  27. taciturn
    habitually silent, uncommunicative
  28. demure
    quietly charming
  29. sedate
    dignified and serious
  30. modest
  31. diminutive
    undersized, small
  32. formidable
    hard to overcome, causing fear or dread
  33. inexorable
    unyielding, unrelenting
  34. obstinate
    stubborn, dogged
  35. obdurate
    hardness, toughness
  36. implacable
    cannot be appeased
  37. inscrutable
    mysterious, unfathomable, beyond comprehension
  38. inveterate
    habitual, deeply established
  39. chronic
    long established and recurring
  40. lugubrious
    mournful, doleful, dismal
  41. lachrymose
    tear-producing or tearful
  42. morbid
    gruesome, horrible
  43. macabre
    grim, gruesome, death haunted
  44. melancholy
    gloomy, brooding, sadly thoughtful
  45. melancholia
    mental disorder characterized by exceedingly low spirits and severe depression
  46. wistfulness
    slight, very gentle melancholy
  47. depression
    state of low spirits, not as deep as dejection, and due more to physical or temporary conditions
  48. dejection
    state of being downcast, discouraged, lacking hope
  49. despondancy
    stresses lack or loss of hope that a situation will improve
  50. disconsolateness
    condition of being uncomforted, especially due to a specific cause of grief
  51. despair
    despondancy at or beyond the breaking point, where one abandons hope and faith
  52. meticulous
    scrupulous about details
  53. punctilious
    scrupulously exact about details, practices, customs and schedules
  54. punctual
    on time
  55. munificent
    very generous, lavish
  56. liberal
    free, ample, more than enough
  57. generous
    spontaneous, unselfish, generous
  58. bounteous
    abundant, unrestrained, more than liberal
  59. opportune
    timely, advantageous, seasonable
  60. opportunism
    act of seizing an unexpected chance and taking advantage of it
  61. plebian
    common, ordinary, low class
  62. plebiscite
    vote by the people on a specific issue, especially sovereignty
  63. opportunistic
    implies lack of moral scruples
  64. precipitous
    very steep
  65. precipiate (adj.), precipitant
    sudden, rash
  66. precipitate (v.)
    hurl, throw violently
  67. impetuous
    rushing with great force; impulsive, rash
  68. precocious
    ahead in development (esp. mental), exhibiting exceptionally mature qualities
  69. pugnacious
    quarrelsome, inclined to fight
  70. combative
    wary, pugnacious
  71. contentious
    stirring up trouble
  72. pugilisitic
    has a connection with boxing
  73. pugilist
    boxer or prizefighter
  74. belligerent
    very quarrelsome
  75. bellicose
  76. querulous
    fretful, complaining
  77. petulant
    peevish, irritable (esp. in sense of being bad tempered)
  78. peevish
    fretful and ill-humoredm, esp. in petty ways
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