micro chap 9

  1. dna and rna transcription and translation
    dna is recipe rna photocopies and trascribe is cooks turning dna to rna. then translating is rna to produce amino acids
  2. we have same genes in lip and nail but diff genes r turned on
  3. timing and amount of genes matter
  4. on and off genes means
    • ON means making transcrips translating into a protein
    • OFF very little protein
  5. what effects genes
    enviromental changes(change in protein shape) chemical signals(proteins from other cells)packaging or chemical tags on DNA(epiengentics)*super important
  6. gene expression is
    is transcription translation used 2 build protein
  7. how to turn off a gene
    a signal comes into cell receptor changes shape used new shape binds 2 dna and turns on transcription inicate(turns off genes in response to chems)
  8. why does bacterial gene expression matter in the medical field
    treatment in bacteria,genes determine charteristics,instead of killing all bacteria(modifies bacterias behavior)
  9. mutation is?
    modification of genetic material already present in cell change of letters in sequence of new amino acid in protein chain perement change in dna from wrong replication
  10. cause of mutation sponatantious mutation
    replication and unknown
  11. cause of mutations mutitions
    chemicals and uv light
  12. ames test syber safe
    mutogenic to c how mutigenic a compound is (check number of reversion mutigens)
  13. genetic recombination
    takes dna from enviroment and puts in chromosome
  14. transformation is
    takes from same family of bacteria and gets some genes from being in area examle capsule polysacceride casule,unlimited with cloning technique
  15. transduction is
    bacterial phage picks up dna and spreads to another exo toxin,enzymes for sugar fermentation,drug resistance
  16. conjugation
    involves donar amd recipitant living fertility genes in plasmid transferreddrug resistance,resistance to metals,toxin orduction,enzymes,adhesion molecules,degradation of toxic substances,uptake of iron
  17. f-
    transfer of f factor or plasmid
  18. f+
    hfr chromosome genes from a donar chromosome doubled and tranferred to other cell
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