Science Chapter 2 Study Guide

  1. The largest group for classifying living things is a
  2. Organizing things into groups based on how the things are alike is
  3. An animal with a backbone is a
  4. The smallest group for classifying living things is a
  5. List the five kingdoms
    • animals
    • bacteria
    • fungi
    • Protist
    • plant
  6. List the classifications of living things from the largest group to the smallest group, in order.
    • Kingdom
    • Pylum
    • Class
    • Order
    • Family
    • Genus
    • Species
  7. What is the main difference between members of the plant kingdom and members of the animal kingdom?
    Members of the plant kingdom make their own food. Members of the animal kingdom consume living or once-living organisms.
  8. Would a one-celled organism be very small or large?
  9. How can you tell if two organisms are closely related when you look at their scientific names?
    Organisms are closely related when they are in the same genus - the first word in the scientific name.
  10. There are nine divisions, or phyla, of plants that have transport tubes. What are these types of plants called?
    Vascular plants
  11. Three phyla of ____ ____ don't reproduce by seeds. Ferns are one example of this type of plant. Ferns reproduce by spores.
    vascular plants
  12. There are three phyla of plants that don't have transport tubes. These types of plants are called
    nonvascular plants
  13. Would most vascular plants be taller than nonvascular plants or shorter than nonvascular plants?
    Most vascular plants would be taller because transport tubes carry food and water to all it's parts.
  14. Is moss a vascular plant or a nonsvascular plant?
  15. Living things with a backbone are called
  16. List the five phyla of vertebrates
    • Mammals
    • Birds
    • Reptiles
    • Amphibians
    • Fish
  17. Living things without a backbone are called
  18. Which group of animals has the greatest number of animal species?
  19. Some organisms in the fish phylum have fish in their names (ex. Angelfish, Zebra fish) Some organisms in the fish phylum do not have fish in their names (ex. Flounder, Trout) Are angelfish, zebra fish, flounder, and trout vertebrates or invertebrates?
  20. Some organisms have fish in their names and are NOT in the fish phylum (ex. Cuttlefish, starfish)
    Are cuttlefish and starfish vertebrates or invertebrates?
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