1. Community Health Practice - Survey and needs assessment is equal to what in private practice?
    Health History and examination
  2. Community Health Practice: data analysis is equal to what in private practice?
  3. Community Health Practice - Program planning is equal to what in private practice?
    treatment planning
  4. Community Health Practice - program operation is equal to what in private practice?
  5. Community Health Practice - funding is equal to what in private practice?
  6. Community Health Practice - appraisal or evaluation is equal to what in private practice?
  7. Which government level develops means to summarize treatment needs of international populations utilizing minimal equipment? What is an example of this?
    • International
    • Community Periodontal Index of Tx Needs (CPITN)
  8. The World Health Organization is a prime example of which governmental level of community dental health?
  9. Which government level is primarily concerned within the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)?
  10. Who Published Healthy People 2010?
    Department of Health and Human services (DHHS)
  11. The center for Disease Control and Prevention is under what government level? And where is it located?
    • Federal
    • Atlanta, Georgia
  12. Which government level of community dental health initiates dental health legislative measures such as fluoridation?
  13. an unexpectedly large number of cases of disease in a particular population at a particular place and time
  14. a disease that occurs regularly in a population as a matter of course
  15. an outbreak of disease over a wide geographical area; often world wide
  16. What type of study determines who is getthing the disease, and where and when the disease is occurring?
    descriptive study
  17. Which type of study tests hypotheses to establish a cause?
    experimental studies
  18. What are the 3 types of analytical studies?
    • retrospective
    • prospective
    • longitudinal
  19. In biostatistics, what are the 3 types of frequency of distribution?
    • ungrouped
    • cumulative
    • grouped
  20. In biostatistics, what are the 3 measures of central tendency?
    • mean
    • median
    • mode
  21. What is the most commonly used method of dispersion in oral hygiene research and reflects the range within the data matrix?
    Standard Deviation
  22. degree that a study or procedure can be conclusive yet sufficiently realistic; it measures what it claims to be measuring
  23. the extent to which the method of measurement consistently performs
  24. The ability of a test to correctly identify the presence of a disease
  25. the ability of a test to identify the absence of a disease
  26. What determines the strength of relationship between two variables?
    correlation co-efficient
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