chapter 18: Classification

  1. What is a manmade system of assigning names and categories to different organisms?
  2. What are the three reasons for classifying?
    • 1) it helps to study organisms
    • 2) shows ancestral relationships between organisms
    • 3) organized into groups that have biological meaning
  3. What is taxonomy?
    The science of classifying organisms
  4. How many species have we identified and named?
    1.5 million species
  5. What is our estimate on the remaining species that we have not yet discovered?
    5-10 million
  6. Statement: Early names were very descriptive of physical traits and lengthly.
    Example: Green leafed tall tree with multi-lobed non-serrated leaves and large seeds that small furry critters like to eat.
  7. Why are the early naming efforts hard to standardize?
    Different people see different characteristics as important.
  8. Who was Carolus Linnaeus?
    A Swedish botanist, physicia, and zoologist.
  9. What system did he develop?
    The system of naming orgaisms known as binomial nomenclature.
  10. What two parts does the binomial nomenclature use?
    Genus & Species
  11. What is capitalized, what is lower case?
    Genus capitalized & species lower cased
  12. Statement: Scientific name is written in Italics or is underlined.
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