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  1. Abdomen
    The body cavity that contains the major organs of digestion and excretion. It is located below the diaphragm and above the pelvis
  2. Abduction
    Motion of a limb away from the midline
  3. Acetabulum
    The depression of the lateral pelvis where its three component bones join, in which the femoral head fits snugly
  4. Adam's apple
    The firm prominence in the upper part of the larynx formed by the thyroid cartilage. It is more prominent in men than in women
  5. Agonal Respirations
    Slow, gasping respiration, sometimes seen in dying patients
  6. Alveoli
    The air sacs of the lungs in which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place
  7. Angle of Louis
    A ridge on the sternum that lies at the level where the second rib is attached to the sternum; provides a constant and reliable bony landmark on the anterior chest wall
  8. Anterior
    The front surface of the body; the side facing you in the standard anatomic position
  9. Anterior superior iliac spines
    The bony prominences of the pelvis (ilium) at the front on each side of the lower abdomen just below the plane of the umbilicus
  10. Anatomic position
    The position of reference in which the patient stands facing you, arms at the side, with the palms of the hands forward
  11. Aorta
    The principal artery leaving the left side of the heart and carrying freshly oxygenated blood to the body
  12. Apex (apices)
    The pointed extremity of a conical structure
  13. Appendix
    A small tubular structure that is attached to the lower border of the cecum in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen
  14. Arteriole
    The smallest branch of an artery leading to the vast network of capillaries
  15. Atrium
    Upper chamber of the heart
  16. Autonomic nervous system
    The part of the nervous system that regulates functions, such as digestion and sweating, that are not controlled voluntarily
  17. Ball- and - socket joint
    A joint that allows internal and external rotation as well as bending
  18. Biceps
    The large muscle that covers the front of the humerous
  19. Bilateral
    A body part that appears on both sides of the midline
  20. Bile ducts
    Ducts that convey bile between the liver and the intestine
  21. Blood Pressure (bp)
    The pressure that the blood exerts against the walls of the arteries as it passes through them
  22. Brachial artery
    The major vessel in the upper extremity that supplies blood to the arm
  23. Brain
    The controlling organ of the body and the center of consciousness; functions include perception, control of reactions to the environment, emotional responses, and judgement
  24. Brain stem
    The area of the brain between the spinal cord and cerebrum, surrounded by the cerebellum; controls functions that are necessary for life, such as respirations
  25. Capillary vessels
    The fine end-divisions of the arterial system that that allow contact between cells of the body tissues and the plasma and red blood cells
  26. Carotid artery
    The major artery that supplies blood to the head and brain
  27. Carpometacarpal joint
    The joint between the wrist and the metacarpal bones; the thumb joint
  28. Cecum
    The first part of the large intestine, into which the ileum opens
  29. Central nervous system (cns)
    The brain and spinal cord
  30. Acetabulum
    The depression on the lateral pelvis where its three component bones join, in which the femoral head fits snugly
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