into the wild

  1. Jim Gallien? Going to?
    last one to see chris going to anchorage
  2. Jim gives Chris...
    and thinks about but doesnt...
    • Boots, Fone #, Sandwiches, and chips
    • tell police
  3. Stampede Trail was made by ...... for ........
    now used for.....
    • Earl Pilgrim for transporting ore
    • now for hunters
  4. September 6,1992....
    Hunters, Couple, and Butch Killian found Chris
  5. Chris's note on the bus said....
    if im not here wait, im probly out getting berries
  6. Chris's dead body weighed.....
    died of......
    • 67 pounds
    • starvation
  7. Wayne Westerberg?
    Job and Chris?
    Owns Grain elevator and gave chris a job and room in house
  8. Chris's family
    .....bros and sisters
    raised in......
    Dad and Mom work for....
    • 6 half bros and sisters
    • Carine
    • Annandale, Va
    • NASA
  9. Chris's College?
    Gave Scholorship to....
    • Emory University
    • to OXFAM-$24000
  10. Chris's Car?
    Yellow Datsun
  11. How does Chris arrange for his disapearence?
    Told Post office to hold mail until August 1
  12. Y abandoned his Car?
    who Found it? For what?
    • Burned Battery up
    • Bud Walsh found it and used it for the park to catch druggies
  13. Burns ? money?
  14. Summarize Trip to Mexico
    • buys Canoe
    • head to gulf ca
    • dead end in mexico
    • duck hunters take him to the ocean
    • almost drowns and returns to usa
  15. Chirs worked at mcd in Bullhead Az,
    what ppl worked with him?
    • used real name
    • manager-george dreeszen-didnt lk socks
    • 2nd assistant-Lori zarza-slow reliable
  16. Jan and bob Burres?
    who had a crush on Chris?
    • met at flea market and sold books for them
    • Tracy
  17. Franz was a Christian until....and AGAIN WHEN
    what did he ask chris? and what did he say?
    tought him to...
    • his wife and son died and when chris died
    • wanted to adopt him and he said no
    • leather work
  18. parents fought a lot
  19. Everett
    never found, last in Davis Gulch, NEMO
  20. Gayload Stuckey?
    took chris to alaska, he should have called his parents
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