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  1. 212-74 Where is a list of community members to be notified kept?
    • 1) Desk
    • 2) CPU Office
    • 3) Community Affairs
    • 4) CO
  2. 212-74 Where are notifications to community members documented?
    Community notification roster
  3. 212-74 Where does CO ensure that community notification roster updates are forwarded to?
    Borough,Operations, DCCA
  4. 212-98 How often does video patrol officer check equipment and temperature?
  5. 212-98 What does 1st Platoon Supervisor put in their Viper Log entry?
    • tax #
    • TPO etc
    • How long it took to change all tapes
  6. 212-98 How often does Viper Patrol Supv conduct random inspection of videotape library?
  7. 212-98 Who does Viper Supervisor Alison with?
    PSA Intell Officer and Crime analysis personnel
  8. 212-99 Where are requests for help from outside agencies regarding Amber Alert referred to?
    Major Case (if closed DB Wheel)
  9. 212-101 Who does Plt Cmd notify and confer with in regards to a scene of suspected CBRN/Hazmat evidence?
    Supervisor at Intell Div's Op Unit
  10. 212-101 When must Patrol Supv notify the Duty Capt at a suspected CBRN Hazmat scene?
    if FDNY involved or problem with other agency
  11. 212-101 Where does Patrol Supv make an entry attesting to chain of custody at a suspected CBRN hazmat scene?
    PO's A/L
  12. 212-103 By when each week are crime maps posted by the Crime Analysis Supv?
    1400 hrs Tues
  13. 212-103 What does FIO post by the 5th of the month in the Crime Info Center?
    • 1) NYS parolees residing in Command
    • 2) Top 500 Burglars list residing in Command
    • 3)Active Gang members residing in command (list chronic offenders)* CO decides
  14. IO 31 s05 When must CO send 49 through channels and fax direct to Ceremonial Unit, PA when a unit requests permission to host a ceremony or becomes aware of a ceremony honoring an MOS?
    at least 30 days prior to event
  15. IO 31s05 When is the best time to schedule an event/ceremony? and if not scheduled then what must be articulated on 49 sent to Ceremonial Unit?
    best time on weekends, and articulate why it was nto scheduled for a weekend
  16. 212-02 (RN 09-02) Meal Period
    PCT CO may designate part of an adjoining PCT where members may obtain meals during hrs. a suitable eating facility is not available w/in PCT of assignment. How does PCT CO request approval? By who?
    49 to Boro CO
  17. 212-02 Meal Period
    When MOS wishes to obtain meal in adjoining cmd whose permission is needed & what info should be included? If not available then who & what info?
    • 1. Immediate supervisor w/intended meal location
    • 2. Notify Bureau/Boro Operations/FOD of meal location & include tour & EOT
  18. 212-02 Meal Period
    If Housing UMOS take meal, where must it be taken?
    Within the PCT to which assigned for that tour
  19. 212-02 Meal Period
    Who does PS notify of meal? How? When? Where?
    1. Radio Dispatcher 2. Via Landline 3. When commencing meal period 4. From meal location (202-17 PS Duties – Notify TS of meal location)
  20. 212-02 Meal Period
    UMOS in civilian clothes must request permission from immediate supervisor PRIOR to taking meal & inform of location. Who must they call if supervisor is not available?
    Call Boro/Bureau ops desk (FOD). Put name of supv. & meal location in appropriate Dept. record (A/L, DAR etc.)
  21. 212-03 EOT
    When a foot post is EOT & assigned to a special post what must they do?
    Comply w/instructions of CO
  22. 212-04 Crime Scenes (IO 70s 09)
    Who is responsible to have “Crime Scene” signs posted?
  23. 212-07 Transporting Non_MOS in RMP
    RMP recorder will get permission from PS or DO if possible when transporting non MOS in RMP. What will the Recorder’s A/L entry include?
    • TRIPP
    • T-Time start/end
    • R-Result of inspection
    • I-Identity of people transported
    • P-Purpose
    • P-Place start/end
  24. 212-09 Unusual Occurrence Reports
    What is always an unusual occurrence?
    Bias incidence
  25. 212 Series Intell Reporting
    There are 3 Basic ways to report Intell. How is it done each way?
    1. No Stop/Arrest – based on observation?
    2. Person Stopped- when suspicion aroused?
    3. Person already under, when suspicion aroused?
    • 1. Call Intell get Log # & make A/L entry
    • 2. Use MDT to query Intell
    • 3. Call Intell VIA PHONE from cmd where processing
  26. 212-12 (RN 11-01) City Wide Intell Reporting
    Once Intell is notified. Either by UMOS of CMOS. Both get Log # & Name. UMOS records in A/L, CMOS has DO record in CL. Intell will fax a printout of info to cmd. In both cases, who does the DO give fax to?
  27. 21213(IO 24s 08) Reporting Gang Related Criminal Activity
    When reporting Gang Related Criminal Activity when notifying Gang Div Wheel where is the Log # , name of MOS notified recorded?
    61 Details or OLBS Narrative
  28. 212-15 LoJack/Monthly Report
    Who does RMP crew notify if they are tracking & notify if they are tracking & need to leave PCT boundaries?
    • Advise Dispatcher. PS determines if they will leave or not
    • (never track beyond city limits)
  29. 212-15 Firearms Discharge by UMOS
    In many cases determination will be reserved for the future when investigation is complete (i.e.: GJ, Trial & Interrogation). However, immediate action MUST be taken regarding what?
    Behavior or Violations of Dept. Regs. (i.e.: CD or Psych Services)
  30. 212 Series (IO 52s 07) Alcohol Testing
    If firearms discharge w/injury or death on or off duty w/in NYC. Who will notify Ops & request what?
    1. PS requests IAB Duty Capt & Personnel and Patrol Services Bureau Duty Insp & Duty Capt
  31. 212-30 UMOS Fired Upon or Subject to HARM
    If UMOS is fired upon or subject to HARM they notify DO & request PS. Who does the DO notify? Who does CO/DC direct to fill out FDAR?
    • 1. CO/DC, OPS, Patrol Boro
    • 2. UMOS PS does if unable
  32. 212-35 Confrontation Incidents w/other Enforcement Agents
    If during a Confrontation w/other enforcement agents an unnecessary force allegation is made who will notify CCRB?
    DO. The DO also will notify the CO/DC
  33. 212-92 Who decides if tear gas is used?
    Borough CO
  34. 212-94 Who do we need approval of for use of K9 at non peaceful demos?
    Chief of Patrol
  35. 212-94 When can we not use K9?
    1) Crowd control or 2) Deterrent at peaceful demo
  36. 212-94 Who must CO/Duty Capt notify after any canine incident?
    Canine supervisor/coordinator
  37. 212-94 How is a copy of the CO/Duty Capt notify after any canine incident?
    Canine supervisor/coordinator
  38. 212-94 How is a copy of the CO/Duty Capt 49 detailing tactical uses of canine teams forwarded to the canine coordinator?
    Through SOD
  39. 212-94 Who determines if extra jurisdictional tactical uses of canine teams are proper ? and who approves such requests?
    CO determines and Patrol Borough CO approves
  40. 212-95 When should pepper spray be avoided?
    • PREY
    • Pregnant
    • Respiratory Problems
    • Young and frail
  41. IO 16s10 212-66 Where do requests for "U Non Immigrant" status get directed to?
    Chief of Department
  42. 212-75 Who does UMOS confer with for search warrant applications?
    Immediate supervisor and CO
  43. 212-75 What check must be done before applying for a search warrant?
    SAFENET and get control #
  44. 212-63 How often does ICO certify vehicle utilization log?
  45. 212-63 Where does CO obtain approval for requests for CPU programmatic OT?
    Through channels from coordinator and review section PSB
  46. 212-63 What is the supervisory level the CO must maintain for CPU?
    1 Sgt/ 10 PO's
  47. 212-63 When can CO use Community police beat officers as backfill for patrol?
    Major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) and major emergencies (minimum manning does not necessarily constitute an emergency)
  48. 212-27 What info can be released only after conferral with DCPI and Chief of Detectives?
    • RATCOP
    • Reputation
    • Anticipated testimony
    • Test results
    • Credibility of prospective witness
    • Opinion concerning evidence or argument in case
    • Photos, videos etc
  49. 212-64 Who can give approval for vehicle check points for other than DWI, vehicle safety or an emergency?
  50. 212-77 Who must give written consent to release info regarding a prisoner/victim status of communicable disease?
  51. 212-38 When does CO /Duty Capt have Duty Insp and Patrol Borough CO/Duty Chief notified to respond regarding hostage incidents?
    for VERIFIED hostage or barricade situation
  52. 212-40 If significant traffic re routing is expected in connection with bomb scene who does Patrol Supv notify?
    Traffic Management Center
  53. 212-47 What must innocent person last in possession do with counterfeit money?
    Write name and date across face of bill or scratch initials on coins
  54. 212-47 Where does DO send 4 copies 49 to regarding counterfeit money?
    Chief of Patrol
  55. 212-47 Where does DO have counterfeit money delivered to with report?
  56. 212-52 Who confers with CO/Duty Capt at scene of labor dispute?
    DO confer regarding personnel assignments
  57. 212-52 Who prepares "Strike report" at labor dispute? Who reviews?
    Patrol Supervisor does, DO reviews
  58. 212-51 When there is an arrest due to construction site disruption what is written in offense box on arrest report?
    "Construction site disruption"
  59. 212-54 Who does UMOS at scene of diplomatic incident notify?
    • 1) Operations
    • 2) Intell Div
    • 3) DO (give details)
    • 4) Request Patrol Supervisor
  60. 212-54 When does CO/ Duty Capt investigate regarding Diplomatic Incident?
    For serious incidents (otherwise Patrol Supv does)
  61. 212-58 When does DO notify Operations and Patrol Borough regarding fires?
    • FRUITS
    • Forced entry by FD
    • Relocation of tenants
    • Unusual fire
    • Injury/Death
    • Three alarms or more
    • Suspicious fire
  62. 212-63 How often does CO evaluate CPU and submit report through channels through who?
    Monthly to Chief of Patrol
  63. 212-19 Where are any questions regarding animals on NYC Public transportation directed to?
    Legal Bureau
  64. 212-59 What is CO monitoring vertical patrols for?
    To ensure they are conducted in compliance with guidelines
  65. 212-43 When should UMOS request Patrol Supervisor?
    • 1) Person is actually being evacuated
    • 2) Premise to be sealed
    • 3) Any other appropriate reason
  66. 212-43 When should UMOS notify operations unit when assisting with an evacuation (vacate order)?
    • 1) Immediate danger of structure collapse
    • 2)Condition threatens human life and requires immediate evacuation
  67. 212-43 If Department of Housing Preservation and Development does not commence work re: vacate orders with in a timely fashion (72 hrs) who is notified?
    Investigation and Review section during business hours (Operations other times)
  68. 212-45 Who does DO notify immediately if a foreign national requests asylum?
    CO Intell Div
  69. 212-46 When must a person in public with an unlawfully possessed rifle/shotgun be arrested?
    Not eligible for summons or refuses to surrender weapon
  70. 212-46 When must DO forward Rifle/Shotgun to Firearms Analysis Unit?
    Member believes weapon used in crime as permit holder accused/convicted of serious crime
  71. 212-46 Who determines if a reach /rescue or roadbed bench wall evacuation is done?
    Duty Captain consults with NYCTA Rapid Transit Operations Command Center
  72. 212-16 Who does UMOS immediately notify of an evacuation situation?
    Patrol Supervisor and Duty Captain
  73. 212-16 What does UMOS notify Duty Capt of at nonn emergency evacuation?
    When UMOS is assigned to ride affected trains with passengers notify Duty Capt of movement and arrival at alternate location
  74. 212-16/18 Who establishes "Police Lines" and "Command Post" for 1) armed/dangerous person on track area and for 2) critical situations on NYC transit?
    • 1)Armed perp: Patrol Supervisor
    • 2)Critical situation: UMOS
  75. 212-18 Who decides whether or not to search track area for armed dangerous person?
    Patrol Supervisor
  76. 212-18 Who makes tactical decisions regarding track area searches for armed /dangerous person?
    Patrol Supervisor and senior member of K9/ESU
  77. 212-18 Who decides to remove power if a track area search for armed/dangerous person is necessary?
    CO precinct or TD/ or Duty Capt
  78. 212-18 Who does Captain notify when power has been removed from track so a search for an armed/dangerous perp can commence?
  79. 212-18 What does Capt base his/her decision on whether or not to remove power when conducting track area search for armed/dangerous perp?
    • 1) reported info
    • 2) seriousness of condition
    • 3) location/time of day
  80. 212-31 Where does Supervisory member address a report on typed letterhead to for threats against a MOS?
    Chief of Dept
  81. 212-31 How is typed letterhead distributed by Supv for threats against MOS?
    • Chief of Dept (Direct and through channels)
    • Intell, threat assessment unit with copy of 61 (Direct)
  82. 212-31 Who is responsible for monitoring the investigation conducted by other Police Agency when an MOS is threatened?
    Intell Div, threat assessment Unit
  83. 212-49 Who does DO notify for media incidents?
    CO/Duty Capt, Platoon Cmder, Ops Unit
  84. 212-31 Who conducts investigation at scene of media incidents?
    Plt Cmder (in their absence CO/Duty Captain)
  85. 212-31 Who prepares report for scene of media incidents?
    Platoon Commander
  86. 212-31 Where us typed letterhead report sent to at media incident scenes?
    Bureau Chief, Borough CO, CO Public Info Div, command file
  87. 212-31 Under what circumstances can media be arrested for criminal trespass when incidents they are covering spill over or occur on private property?
    When owner or rep expressly indicate that the press is not to be permitted to enter or remain on property
  88. 212-31 Who retains the discretion to restrict press access in certain circumstances?
    Ranking Officer at the incident
  89. 212-37 Who does UMOS notify at scene of Hazmat?
    DO and Communication Section
  90. 212-37 Who does UMOS request response of through communications at scene of Hazmat?
    • 1)Patrol Supv
    • 2)ESU supv and personnel
    • 3)Highway Dist , MCSU
  91. 212-37 Who does Patrol Supv confer with at scene of Hazmat?
    ESU supv/member or highway district, MCSU member on scene
  92. 212-37 Who clarifies the legality of a Hazmat ship, emt if questionable?
    Highway, MCSU
  93. 212-37 Who notifies Ops by telephone with all available info concerning a hazmat incident?
    Patrol Supervisor
  94. 212-37 What does Patrol Supv notify Ops unit of at Hazmat incident?
    Exact location of incident, time, source, danger of material involved including label markings, other agency personnel responding/required, actions initiated/indicated
  95. 212-37 How is bomb squad notified to be dispatched at hazmat scene?
    Patrol Supv requests Communication Section to notify Ops Unit to dispatch Bomb Squad
  96. 212-37 What agency is responsible for "off loading" Hazmat when necessary?
  97. 212-37 How is Mobile Decon vehicle requested by on scene coordinator at Hazmat incident?
    through Ops Unit
  98. 212-37 Who is responsible for designating a "safety official" who is knowledgeable in the operation with specific responsibility to ID evaluate hazards and provide direction with respect to safety?
    On scene coordinator
  99. 212-37 From where should the on scene coordinator select the "Safety official"?
    From responding agency most familiar with the particular hazard
  100. 212-37 With who does the on scene coordinator at Hazmat scene advise of the critique of incident?
  101. 212-36 Where does CO members involved in pursuit notify of disciplinary action taken?
    Borough Safety Officer
  102. 212-36 What type od Dept vehicles must "limit" their use in pursuits?
    Unmarked and 2 wheel motorcycles
  103. 212-33 Who determines duty status of members involved in a UMOS on UMOS confrontation?
    CO precinct of Occ
  104. 212-33 Where is report prepared by CO fwd'd to for UMOS on UMOS confrontation situations?
    • OEEO direct
    • &
    • CO of each member involved
  105. 212-33 Where must CO preparing report confer with regarding UMOS on UMOS confrontation?
    personnel officers and EMD if appropriate
  106. When does Patrol Supv notify Bomb Squad direct regarding a found bomb device?
    If found at a transit facility or there is a potential to be significantly disrupt transportation service
  107. 212-02 If civilian clothed UMOS is authorized to leave command for meal, a notification includes what?
    1) scheduled tour fo duty and 2) expiration of tour
  108. 212-02 Where does CO send a 49 designating a suitable meal location in adjoining precinct to?
    Borough Commander
  109. 212-04 Who is in charge of an investigation at a crime scene involving a homicide or other serious case?
    Ranking member of Det. Bureau present
  110. 212-04 Who is in charge of investigation that is part of a large scale incident?
    PSB supervisor coordinates police operations at scene and highest ranking member of Det Bureau will be in charge of the investigation
  111. 212-06 When required to transport reserve surgeon who will pick up surgeon with RMP? Who is notified upon completion?
    RMP operator , notify communications and DO upon completion
  112. 212-09 After UMOS is temporarily assigned to Patrol Borough after a firearms discharge who's prior approval is needed to be returned to permanent command?
    Chief of Dept
  113. 212-14 After an accident prone location is ID'ed by TAMS who does traffic safety officer confer with regarding what?
    XO, regarding conditions that can be corrected at the precinct level through use of available resources
  114. 212-15 By when does CO ensure the lojack monthly report is forwarded? to who?
    3rd of month, to Chief of Patrol through channels
  115. 212-16 Who determines the method of train evacuation in emergencies?
    Duty Captain
  116. 212-16 IN all train evacuations where does Duty Capt to ranking member in charge ensure a 49 is fwd to? Describing what?
    Chief Transit Bureau, describing circumstances of the incident and any actions taken
  117. 212-24 In removal of power in subway who does UMOS request response of?
    PSB and TB P/S
  118. 212-29 How many findings and recommendations must be included in the Investigating Officers 49 addressed to Chief of Dept regarding firearms discharge?
    1 finding, 1 or more recommendations (If multiple firearms discharges by an individual UMOS you may have more than 1 finding specify the nature of each fired round)
  119. 212-29 When a member is shot or causes serious injury or death to another, where does ranking Investigator refer UMOS to?
    Trauma Counseling Program
  120. 212-31 If an MOS receives a threat regarding off duty conduct and resides outside NYC where is complaint referred to?
    NYC precinct where it originated or received (origin takes priority)
  121. 212-33 If a UMOS involved in a confrontation situation is dissatisfied with the final determination of CO, where can they request review of the matter?
    CO from next higher command
  122. 212-34 If a PPO is assigned to PA is involved in a police incident, what notifications must be made?
    49 to CO ,PA and notify recruit operations, notify performance analysis section next business day
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