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  1. 324-02 When an MOS is Chart changed who must they consult if they need information?
    Command timekeeper, supervisor or CO
  2. 324-01 When does UMOS submit a night diff form to command timekeeper?
    End of each month
  3. 324-04 When should checks not be distributed before?
    1500 on Thursday
  4. 324-04 How does CO approve request by MOS on terminal leave to have thier checks mailed?
    Signs request and designates a member to mail checks
  5. 324-05 How can a MOS authorize a non MOS to pick up thier check?
    Give notarized letter to CO
  6. 324-06 If a check was lost prior to distribution who investigates?
    CO and ICO
  7. 324-06 Where does CO/ICO report results of investigation regarding a loss of paycheck prior to distribution?
    Director, Payroll Section
  8. 313-04 Where does CO fwd request for use of property held by property clerk (Other than vehicle)?
    Dep. Comm, Bureau Chief or Counterpart
  9. 313-04 Who must approve request of use of Narcotics and firearms proeprty held by property clerk?
  10. 313-02 Where does CO fwd request to use a converted vehicle held by proeprty clerk?
    Thru channels Chief of Dept
  11. 322-01 When does CO submit pct commander's meeting reports?
    On monthly basis no later than 5th following month to P/C, copies to 1st Dep & Chief of Dept
  12. 322-04 Where does DO sign rank & name to indicate knowledge of contents for previous 24 hrs of FINEST?
    last page
  13. 322-04 Where does CO countersign signature of desk officer for previous 24 hr period of FINEST?
    on last FINEST page
  14. 322-04 When does Cmd clerk remove pages from FINEST binder & place in transfer binder?
    on 15th and 1st day of month
  15. 322-03 Where is additional info and notifications received put on telephone record?
    In margin next to entry
  16. 322-04 Where does ICO inspect and sign re: FINEST messages?
    The index of important messages
  17. 322-07 When does CO fwd reports of surrendered weapons records? to where?
    Chief of Dept, Jan 15th with surrender date, name, etc.
  18. 322-07 How are PO/Sgt/Lt's listed on command roster?
    PO by squad (if not in squad then by duty and tour assigned), Sgt/Lt by chart #
  19. 322-07 Who initials changes to cmd roster?
    CO in ink
  20. 322-07 Who approves paired patrol posts unsuited for solo patrol because of safety?
    Bureau Chief
  21. 322-09 How are boxes used on intra-dept envelopes?
    from left uppermost box top to bottom left to right until all boxes are used
  22. 322-11 How are each allegation listed in paragraph two on 49?
    Alphabetically 1 per line
  23. 322-11 What is admin closing defined as for EEo definitions?
    No sufficient facts to support, complainant withdrew or refused to cooperate referred to appropriate unit
  24. 322-11 What 2 definitions are only valid for EEO type complaints?
    "Mediated" and "Admin Closing"
  25. 322-11 Where does CO request a list of specialized skills?
    49 to CO Personnel Data unit
  26. 322-20 How many hrs does it take for ARCs system o recognize changes made to the master file?
    96 hrs
  27. 322-20 Who can provide basic training for those who haven't attended ARCs training course?
    Training Sgt
  28. 322-29 Where does DO request missing Dept directives from?
    Mail & Dist Unit
  29. 322-29 What kind of procedures are published in Ops orders?
    Only pilot projects
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