sensory/integumentary pharm

  1. Antifungal/anti-infective
    Treats fungal infections and kills microbes that cause skin infections (ringworm, athletes foot)

    Ex: Desenex, Mycostatin and Nystatin
  2. 3 actions of anti-inflammatory drugs
    • 1. antipruritic (relieve itching)- Benadryl
    • 2. Anti-inflammatory- Kenalog
    • 3. Vasoconstrictive (reduces swelling)
  3. Keratolytics
    Soften and destroy outer layer of skin

    used for eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, dandruff etc.

    Ex: Cuticura, Clearasil, Selsun Blue, Tegrin, Retin A
  4. Anti-infectives
    used for infections of skin and burns

    • Ex: antibiotics- Neosporin, Polysporin, Valisone
    • burns- Silvadene, Sulfamylon, Silver Nitrate, Betadine
  5. Topical anesthetics
    Used on skin or mucous membranes to decrease the pain by inhibiting nerve impulses from the sensory nerves.

    • Ex: Benzocaine
    • S/E: sensitization

    N/I: rubbing into skin increases effect, local effect redness
  6. Astringent
    Covers, cool dries, soothes, inflammed skin

    Ex: Burrows or Domboro solution 1 part to 1 part water, tepid

    N/I: pat dry, use 3-4 times daily, sterile technique for open wounds
  7. Antiseptic
    Destroys germ on the skin

    Ex: Betadine

    N/I: watch for allergies to Iodine, if there is an allergy use Benadryl
  8. Emollients
    Softens, soothe, skin

    Ex: lotions

    N/I: rubbing increases absorption
  9. Anti-parasite
    kills bugs such as lice or mites (scabies)

    Ex: Kwell

    N/I: keep away from eyes, cancer can result with overuse
  10. Mydriatic
    dialates pupil

    Ex: Atropine

    S/E: irritation, photophobia
  11. Miotics
    Treats acute and chronic glaucoma

    Ex: Pilocarpine, Carbachol, Acetylcholine

    S/E: blurred vision, eye pain, myopia
  12. Diuretic
    Used to decrease intraocular pressure by supressing production of aqueous humor

    Ex: Diamox, Mannitol, Timoptic

    N/I: all use for glaucoma, I&O's needed
  13. Antibiotics
    Kills bacteria; comes in drops or oitments

    Ex: Erythromycin

    S/E: itching, swelling, redness
  14. Anti-emetic
    • Decrease in vertigo for Meniere's Disease
    • helps with balance

    Ex: Antivert
  15. Softening agents
    Ear drops to soften ear wax

    Ex: Cerumenex

    N/I: irrigate ear after
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