S.S. Ch. 18-19 Test Review

  1. What were the first wild cattle called?
  2. Where was the Comstock Load found in?
    Sierra Nevada
  3. What were the Plains Farmers called?
  4. Who was the leader of the Nesperts Indians?
    Chief Joseph
  5. Who built the Transcontinental Railroad?
    the Union Pacific and Central Pacific companies
  6. _______ _________ was the daughter of an Omaha chief and spoke out for Indian rights.
    Susette LaFlesche
  7. Native American hunters drove buffalo into...
  8. Who spoke out for farmers and free silver?
    William Jennings Bryan
  9. Which group helped farmers by using wholesale prices?
    the National Grange
  10. What were the vast grazing lands from Kansas to Montana called?
    Cattle Kingdom
  11. Most of the cowboys' knowledge came from the...
    Spanish vaqueros.
  12. The Native Americans so realized that this was a hollow victory because more soldiers would come and take them to reservations.
    the Battle of Little Bighorn
  13. What encouraged Native Americans to become farmers?
    the Dawes Act
  14. Why did railroad companies hire immigrant workers?
    people were in the Civil War and they took low wages
  15. What was the benefit of the Transcontinental Railroad?
    goods were shipped faster and more cheaply
  16. The Plains Indians lives revolved around the...
  17. Each Native American group had their own...
    religion and language
  18. Each Native American culture had...
    crafts and poems
  19. Native Americans were not...
    farmers or miners
  20. Why didn't settlers and Plains Indians get along?
    the settlers were breaking the treaty by settling there
  21. Who suffered when it came to the reservation system and the disappearance of buffalo?
    the Plains Indians
  22. Which political party called for an 8-hour workday?
    the Populist Party
  23. The most active farmers group in the South and Great Plains was the...
    Farmers' Alliance
  24. What were black Americans that moved to Kansas to farm called?
  25. Why were the 1800s a hard time for farmers?
    grain and cotton prices dropped
  26. What opened up the country after the Civil War?
  27. Which group let both skilled and unskilled workers join?
    Knights of Labor
  28. Which process allowed stronger and cheaper steel?
    the Bessemer Process
  29. What forbade monopolies?
    Sherman Antitrust Act
  30. What was the most powerful union in the United States called?
    the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  31. What did JD Rockefeller organize?
    Standard Oil
  32. Courts used ___________ to force strikers back to work.
  33. How did Henry Ford make cheaper cars?
    using mass production
  34. What raised money with stocks?
  35. What did Standard Oil create?
    a monopoly
  36. Big customers were given _______ by railroad companies.
  37. What even gave antilabor feelings in the United States?
    Haymarket Riot
  38. What event forced the government to make new factory safety laws?
    Triangle Fire
  39. Where was the steel industry based?
    in the Midwest
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