Chapter 7 Terms

  1. abuse of the elderly
    infliction of physical or mental harm on elderly persons
  2. aggravated assault
    an assault committed with a dangerous weapon or with intent to commit a felony
  3. aggravated battery
    a battery committed
  4. civil rights
    rights protected by the federal and state constitutions and statutes
  5. hazing
    consists of intentional or reckless physical or mental harassement
  6. kidnapping
    the forcible abduction
  7. mayhem
    at common law, the crime of injuring someone so as to render that person able to fight
  8. sodomy
    oral or anal sex
  9. stalking
    following or placing a person under surveillance
  10. statutory rape
    the strict liability offense of having sexual intercourse w a minor
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Chapter 7 Terms
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