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  1. Alternative splicing
    • process by which MULTIPLE mRNA molecules made from single pre-mRNA
    • Recognition of splice sites requires RNA BINDING PROTEINS
    • significant fraction (4%) of alternative splicing associates with RNA secondary structure formation.
  2. RNA 2ndary structure definition
    single-stranded RNA likely to take on secondary folds that can influences SPLICE-SITE selection
  3. Role of RNA 2ndary structure
    • these structures may last long enough to INTERFERE with or MODIFY splice-site IDentification
    • 1. interfere with splicesome assembly by concealing SPLICE sites or enhancing binding sites
    • 2. Promote spliceosomal assembly by MASKING SILENCER binding sites
  4. Ability of GC content to enhance formation of secondary structures
    • Higher GC content = Greater molecular stability
    • if pre-mRNA structures have higher GC sequences, they are stable and will promote alternative splicing
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