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  1. Plait
    interweave strands or locks of something
  2. Pittance
    small potion, amount or wage
  3. caprice
    impulsive charge of the mind
  4. pretension
    arrongent, snobishness
  5. Dissimilitude
    lack of resemblance
  6. Emulation
    jelous rivalry, ambition to excel
  7. Odious
    hatefull, contempptible
  8. Ignoble
  9. Inclemency
    state of being stormy
  10. Apathy
    lack of emotion
  11. Chimerical
    fanciful, imagenary, visionary
  12. Avidity
    greedy disire
  13. Censure
    Expression of disapproval or criticism
  14. Lexicon
  15. Devolve
    to pass on
  16. Benignity
    kindness, gentleness, clarity
  17. Repugnance
    strong dislike
  18. Imbibe
    to receive into the mind and retain
  19. Reporbate
    to disaprove of
  20. Chimera
    a fanciful mental illusion
  21. Panegyric
    elaborate praise
  22. Mein
    characterustucs expresive of attitude or persanality
  23. Physiognomy
    persons facial expression or features
  24. Dogmatism
    stubborn assertion of an opinion
  25. Pedantry
    habit of paying attention to acedemic details or rules
  26. Transitory
    short lived, only existing breifly
  27. Lassitude
    lathargy, slugessness
  28. Livid
  29. Diligence
  30. Pertinacity
    persistant determination
  31. Perversity
    diliberate unruliness or resistance
  32. Chastise
    to punish, disipline or scold
  33. Antipathy
    dislike or hostility
  34. Aprobation
    praise, offical approval
  35. Dilatoriness
    lateness, tendancy to delay
  36. Salubrious
  37. Callous
    thick skinned, insensitive
  38. Promontory
    high point of land or rock the protrudes into water (i.e. Cape)
  39. Dirge
    funeral hymn
  40. Indelible
  41. Depravity
    sinfullness, moral corruption
  42. Capacious
    large roomy or extensive
  43. Ignominious
    disgraceful or disonorable
  44. Exculpate
    to clear of blame or fault
  45. Execrate
    to curse
  46. Wantonly
    without disiple, no restraint
  47. Timorous
    timid, shy
  48. Ignominy
    deep personal humiliation
  49. Manacle
    to restrain from movement
  50. Obdurate
  51. Perdition
    eternal damnation
  52. Satiate
    to satisfy
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