Small Group

  1. Problem solving is
    The comprehensive, multistep procedure a group uses to move from its current state to the desired goal
  2. The assembly effect
    occurs when groups achieve a decision that is qualitatively and quantitatively better than an individual decision.
  3. What is not an advantage of the assembly effect?
    It takes less time to reach a group decision than an individual one
  4. Which factor affect whether the quality of a group's output will be better than when an individual can produce?
    If the group is better at both conjunctive tasks and disjunctive tasks
  5. Characteristics of members that enhance the quality of group outputs?
    • Possesses information relevant to solving a problem
    • Has the ability to engage in highly complex reasoning processes
    • Are predisposed to process information cognitively
  6. Each group member possessess information to solving a problem. This means the group is effective at
    Conjunctive tasks
  7. What is systematic problem solving?
    effective communication and data handling
  8. What are task requirements using the functional perspective of group problem solving and decision making?
    • 1)group members must understand the issue to be resolved
    • 2)group members must determine the relevant and realistic alternatives
    • 3)group members must carefully examine the alternatives against previously determined characteristics necessary for an acceptable choice
  9. When a group's attention is focused on what the ideal solution to a problem would look like, it is using the:
    ideal solution format
  10. When a group lists all ideas-without evaluation-it is involved in the technique of:
  11. A verifiable observed event is a
  12. Statements of fact are:
    • 1) limited to description
    • 2) can be made only after observation
    • 3)are as close to certain as humans can get
  13. A fallacy is
    A reasoning error
  14. Overgeneralizing
    assuming that something is true about one or a few it is true of all or most of the same type
  15. False Dilemma
    which is represented by either or thinking that assumes incorrectly that only two choices or courses of action are possible
  16. Evaluating info from the www poses problems you should evaluate by the criteria
    • Accuracy
    • Authority
    • Audience
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