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  1. According to endosymbiosis, eukaryotic cells may have evolved from
    host prokaryotic cells that engulfed smaller prokaryotic cells.
  2. An amoeba moves and feeds by extending a temporary extension of its cytoplasm called a
  3. To which group do amoebas and forams belong?
    protozoans with pseudopodia
  4. The protozoan Plasmodium is carried by mosquitoes and causes the disease known as
  5. Which type of protist is likely to be found growing on decaying organic matter in a damp, nutrient-rich environment?
    a cellular slime mold
  6. The funguslike protists that thrive on dead or decaying organic matter in water and are plant parasites on land are
    water molds and downy mildews
  7. Which of the following diseases spread by the tsetse fly does the protozoan known as Trypanosoma cause?
    African sleeping sickness
  8. What structure of an plasmodial slime mold is analogous to the colony of cellular slime molds?
  9. A person who comes down with malaria can infer that he or she contracted it from
    the bite of a mosquito carrying Plasmodium.
  10. Which of the statements is true about dinoflagellates?
    Many species are luminescent.
  11. The population of small, photosynthetic organisms found near the surface of the ocean is called
  12. An example of a multicellular green alga is
  13. What characteristic of green plants is shared by green algae?
    all of the above
  14. Red algae lack
  15. The multicellular algae most likely to be observed at great depths are the
    red algae.
  16. Most funguslike protists get nutrients by
    absorbing them from dead or decaying matter.
  17. When the amoebalike cells of plasmodial slime molds fuse, they form a structure with many nuclei called a(n)
  18. Protists that break down organic material include the
    funguslike protists.
  19. The destruction of the Irish potato crop in the mid-1800s was caused by a
    downy mildew.
  20. Which organism would most likely be present in a water sample collected during a red tide?
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