Biology Review Test 2: Protista Ch. 22

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  1. What domain and kingdom do protists belong to?
    • Domain: Eukarya
    • Kingdom: Protista
  2. Are protists prokaryotes or eukaryotes?
  3. Why are algae important to the aquatic food chain?
    Sunlight- Producers- Consumers
  4. What did the marine iguanas eat in the Galapogos?
    green algae
  5. What algae has silica in their cell walls?
    green algae
  6. Be able to match the type for the uses on next few cards
  7. a. Added to paint for headlight refection, toothpaste for polishing teeth, and swimming pool filters
  8. Kelp, the largest algae
    Brown algae
  9. Causes "red tide" that kills fish
  10. Source of agar for culturing bacteria, and gel caps for vitamins and drugs
    Red algae
  11. Source of algin to prevent ice crystals from forming in ice cream.
    Brown algae
  12. "Sea lettuce" in Galapogos Islands
    Green algae
  13. Are the protozoans prokaryotes or eukaryotes?
  14. Who discovered protozoans?
  15. Describe the flagellum and how it works.
    long, slender cellular structure used for motility. The flagellum whips from side to side
  16. What protozoan contaminates fresh water streams in the U.S. and causes severe diarrhea?
    Giaradia lamblia
  17. What causes African Sleeping Sickness?
    Trypanosoma Brucei
  18. How is the African Sleeping Sickness transmitted?
    From the saliva of the tse tse fly to humans
  19. An insect or some other animal that carries a pathogen between hosts: ex. mosquito that transmits malaria.
  20. Image Upload 1
    Label the diagram of the euglena.
    • 1. Eyespot
    • 2.Flagellum
    • 3. Chloroplast
  21. What is the function of the eyespot?
    The eyespot helps euglena detect light
  22. How is Chagas's disease transmitted? What famous scientist probably suffered from it?
    The kissing bug bites face, defecate leaving protozoans in feces. Charles Darwin
  23. How do paramecium and stentors move?
    they move using cilia
  24. Image Upload 2
    Label the diagram of the paramecium.
    • 1. gullet
    • 2. food vacuole
    • 3. cilia
  25. What is the most primitive type of sexual reproduction that is exhibited by ciliated protozoans?
  26. What are the most complex protozoans?
  27. How do Amoeba proteus move?
    they move using pseudopods.
  28. Image Upload 3
    Label the diagram fo the amoeba.
    • 1. Contractile vacoule
    • 2. Pseudopod
    • 3. Food vacuole
  29. What organism causes amoebic dysentery and contaminates most drinking water supplies in the world?
    Entamoeba histolytica
  30. What disease does Plasmodium vivax cause?
  31. What is the vector of malaria?
    The mosquito or the female Anopheles mosquito
  32. What class of protozoans resmebles both amoeboids and fungi and are often found in east Texas woodlands on dead, rotting logs?
    Slime molds
  33. What formed the White Cliffs of Dover and forms chalk?
    Foraminiferans and radiolarians
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