1. What is the definition of conflict?
    A conflict is a struggle or disagreement usually between individuals or a group about ideas, values and facts.
  2. What are the good things about solving a conflict positively?(6)
    • *No violence
    • *friends become closer
    • *better communication
    • *learn lesson from mistakes
    • *understand and compromise
    • *cooperation
  3. What is bead about solving a problem negatively?(5)
    • *lose friends
    • *relationship may be broken or damaged
    • *people get hurt
    • *threats and blame continue
    • *People take sides
  4. What are the 3 types of conflict?
    • #1= Internal conflict
    • #2=Conflict between people
    • #3=Conflict between groups or nations
  5. What are the strategies for problem solving
    • *Share
    • *Take turns
    • *Chance
    • *Postpone
    • *Humor
    • *Apologize
    • *Get help
    • *Avoid
  6. What are the rules for fighting fair
    • 1.Identify the problem
    • 2.Focus on the problem
    • 3.Attack the problem, not the person
    • 4. Listen with and open mind
    • 5.Treat the other person's feelings with respect
    • 6.Take responsiblitly for your actions
  7. Say the needs pyrramid starting from the bottom
    • physical needs
    • safety needs
    • love and friendship needs
    • self-worth needs
    • self fullfillment
  8. describe physical needs
    need for air, food, water, shelter, medical care, rest, recreation, sometimes called survival needs
  9. safety needs
    need to be safe from threats; to be treated fairly; to be trusted and have trust
  10. love and friendship needs
    need to reciever love; need to belong in a group
  11. self-worth need
    need to feel important,capable,worthy, confident: need to feel recognition, attention and respect
  12. self fulfilment
    need to become everything that you are capable of becoming- a creative human being
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