16-2 Jeremiah

  1. The Division of the Book of Jeremiah
    • The Call of the Prophet
    • Prophecies against Judah and Jerusalem
    • Prophecies against the Gentiles
  2. What is different about Jeremiah compared to other prophets?
    We know more about the life of Jeremiah than about that of any other prophets.
  3. What was Jeremiah's unpleasant task?
    predicting the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple
  4. What were the two major evils in the days of Jeremiah against which he preached?
    • idolatry
    • injustice
  5. What was the suffering of the prophets, especially Jeremiah?
    • He was sanctified and called to be a prophet while he was still in his mother's womb.
    • Jeremiah was lonely, disliked, and unmarried.
  6. When did God solemnly call Jeremiah to his prophetial mission?
    in the 13th year of the reign of Josiah (627 BC)
  7. How long did Jeremiah exercise his prophetic office?
    45 years (627-582), the biblical record for length of prophetic activity
  8. What was the main message of Jeremiah?
    He encouraged the people to a life or repentance and threatened them with divine punishment for the violation of the Covenant.
  9. What persecutions did Jeremiah have to endure?
    • imprisonment
    • beatings
    • threat with death
    • being thrown into a well
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