Chapter 51

  1. testis
    the gamete-producing organs of the male reproductive system
  2. seminiferous tuble
    • tightly coiled tubles
    • contained in the testes
  3. scrotum
    the external sac that contains the testes
  4. epididymis
    a long couled tuble that is closely attached to each testis
  5. vas deferens
    a duct that extends from the epididymis
  6. seminal vesicles
    • lies between the bladder and the rectum
    • produces a fluid that sperm uses for energy
  7. prostate gland
    located below the bladder, secretes an alkaline fluid that neutilize the acids in the female reproductive system
  8. bulbourethral gland
    releases a fluid that neutilized traces of acidic urine in the urethra
  9. ovary
    gamete-producing organs of the female reproductive system
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Chapter 51
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