Law and Media

  1. Tenets of Disclousure of private facts
    • 1. public discourse
    • 2. of a private facts
    • 3. Highly offensive and objectionable to a reasonable person
  2. What did FL star v. BJF establish
    • Info in the public domain is not private
    • D: reported full name of alleged assulat robbery
    • R: found florida statue banning names of sexual assualt victim unconstutional

    Compelling Interest Tes: if any media lawfully obtains info of matter of public significant, state officals cannot punish publication absent a compelling state interest of the highest order
  3. Sipple v. Chroncile
    • D: publicized secret service guy who saved president ford is gay
    • R: Was not a private fact because of his involvement in gay community
  4. Kappells v. Kaufemen
    facts in polic blotter are not private
  5. Wasser v. San diego tribune
    Fact that plantiff was aquitted of wifes murder years ago does not mena that it is now a private fact
  6. LA times v. CA superior ocurt
    • D: identify murder witness (not by name but other details)
    • RL it is a private fact because not recorded in public document
  7. Carisle v. Facett publication
    • R: life of celebriteis and thos involved iwth them are considred newsworthy
    • Public interest by those who by their accomplishments, mode of living, prefessional standing, create legitimate and widespread public interest
  8. Schulman v. Group W
    • D: broadcast bloody lady in car wreck
    • r: dissemination of truthful newsworhty information is constitutional; names and facts and photos association were logically related to newsworthy subject
  9. Five elements of false light privacy
    • 1. of and concerning plaintiff
    • 2. presented as fact
    • 3. information is false or creates false impression
    • 4. info is highly offesive and has tendency to injury plaintiff's reputation (does not actually have to do so)
    • 5. defendant published with fault
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