Biology Test 2 Review The Prokaryotes_ Archaens.txt

  1. Are archaens prokaryotes or eukaryotes?
  2. What does Archaea mean?
    Archaea means ancient ones
  3. What conditions do the habitats of archaens mimic?
    They are similar to early conditions
  4. What allows archaens to be able to survive their harsh environments?
    They survive because of the modifications to their cell wall
  5. Are methanogeans anaerobic or aerobic?
    They are anaerobic
  6. What gas do methanogens produce?
    Methane gas
  7. Where do methanogens live?
    They live in bogs, guts of termites, cattle, humans and undersea volcanic vents where there is little oxygen
  8. Where do halophils live?
    Halophils live in very salty environments. Found in Great Salt Lake, the Dead Sea, and drying brine pools near the ocean
  9. Where do thermophils live?
    Thermolphils live in hot pools of water around volcanic vents, and in boiling sulfur springs and mud pits in Yellowstone
  10. What enzyme is extracted from thermophils and how is it extracted from thermophils?
    • (Polymearse Chain Reaction) (PCR) is the enzyme extracted from thermophils.
    • The enzyme is used for rapid replication of DNA in all gentle labs.
  11. What animal produces a large quantity of methane gas daily and constantly burps it up?
  12. Archaens do not have peptidoglycon (murein)
    Archaens do not have peptidoglycon (murein)
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Biology Test 2 Review The Prokaryotes_ Archaens.txt
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