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  1. Trichiasis
    • What:-Lashes on globe
    • Cause:-Ectropin, lid margin growths, lid trauma, scarring, stevens Johnson, blepharitis- most common
    • What to look for/Sx:-Discomfort, pain, foreign body sensation, injection, tearing, corneal defects- ulcers, scarring, NaFl + careful SLE
    • Tx:-treat underlying disease
    • -epilation- soak tools in 1/3000 ziphran Cl, anesthetize lid, pull from base
    • -lashes grow back 2-4 weeks for kids and 4-8 weeks
    • -surgery- if more than 1/3 of lashes are turned in, cryo/argon laser
    • -ocular lube q1h, qid
    • -prophylactic broad spectrum antibiotics
  2. Poliosis
    • What:Lash whitening
    • Cause:Staph blepharitis,Vitiligo
    • What to look for/Sx: Poliosis/vitiligo = R.O. uveitis
    • Tx: Dermatology consult
  3. Madarosis
    • What:Lash loss
    • Cause:Staph bleph, Tichotellomania- neurotic lash pulling
    • Tx:R.O. leds, hair loss, systemic conditions,
    • ant seg Dz (staph) Treat blepharitis and photo document
  4. Ingrown cilia
    • What: Eyelash grown into skin
    • Cause: Lid trauma, scarring
    • What to Look For/Sx: Can cause trichiasis, foreign body sensation, infection
    • Tx: Cut lash near follicle and remove, epilate
    • remainder, Prophylaxis with antibiotic ointment
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Eyelash Dz.txt
Eyelash Dz.txt