Medical Terminology

  1. 4 components of Blood
    red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma
  2. RBC or Erythrocyte
    • Red Blood Cell
    • - transport oxygen to tissues
    • - transport carbon dioxide
    • - transport nitric oxide
  3. Hct
    • Hematocrit
    • - pergentage of blood volume composed of RBC's
  4. WBC
    • White Blood Cell
    • - active within the immune system
  5. macrophage
    a large WBC that removes bacteria, foreign particles, and dead cells
  6. Platelet
    responsible for clotting blood
  7. Plasma
    Clear, yellowish liquid which contains albumin, globulin and fibrinogen
  8. Serum
    identical to plasma, only without clotting proteins
  9. Coll-
  10. emia-
    a blood condition
  11. hemat/o-
  12. vita-
  13. a-nemia
    • without-a blood condition
    • - reduction in the number of circulating RBCs

    *anemia causes pallor because of deficiency of the red-colored oxyhemoglobin*
  14. Pernicious Anemia (PA)
    vitamin B-12 deficiency
  15. sickle cell anemia
    • -genetic disorder that causes production of an abnormal hemoglobin and RBCs to change shape
    • - Most commonly found in african-american, African, and some mediterranean populations
  16. hemolytic anemia
    excesive destruction of normal and abnormal RBCs
  17. aplastic anemia
    bone marrow is unable to produce sufficient new cells of all types
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