Controversial Issues Exam 2 Part 1

  1. Have Anti Depressanta Proven to be effective?
    Kramer vs. Fisher and Greenburg
  2. Kramers basic Premise
    SSRI's can literally transform personality
  3. Three classses of Anti Depressants Medications
    • MAO inhibitors
    • Tricyclics
    • SSRI's
  4. MAO Inhibitors
    • Ex. Parnate
    • Many side effects, plus Risk of high blood pressure if certain food arent avoided
  5. Tricyclics
    • Ex. Imipramine
    • Many side effects
  6. SSRI's
    • Ex. PRozac
    • Inhibit reuptake of serotonin
    • fewer side effects
  7. Soft sign
    very subtle symptoms the average person would notice but that a trained clinician can pick up
  8. Affective Loading
    biological, genetically propensity to develop a given problem such as depression, would prob see symptoms in parents or other relatives
  9. Cosmetic Psychopharmacology
    Using psychotropic drugs to improve quaility of life even of they are really in need for acceptable funtioning
  10. Fisher and Greenberg
    • Anti depressant is overrated
    • Placebos help 20 to 30% of the patients
  11. Research Record
    30 to 40% of studies show no difference between drug and placebo
  12. Filling Cabinent Phenonmenon
    Studies with negative outcomes tend not to be published
  13. Spontaneous remission (regression to the mean)
    people seek out help when at their worst so they will likely improve to some extent over time with or without treatment
  14. Relapse
    When taken off drug 60% or more patients relaspe within a year
  15. Poop Out Effect
    Antidepressant may be helpful initially but they may stop working after a time , body adapts
  16. Double blind study
    neother the patient nor the doctor knows who is in the drug or placebo groups
  17. Active Vs. Inactive Placebo
    Active placebos mimic the drugs side effects, most studies use inactive (inert) placebos
  18. Richard Thomson
    Demonstrated that use of an "active" placebo eliminiated the superiority of an antidespressant over and inactive placebo
  19. Drug Cocktails
    Practive in which some doctors prescribe multiple psychotropic drugs and the same time. Dont know what actually causing the improvments or worsenings
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